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Artist: Meridian Dan f/ Mike GLC, Paper Pabs
Album:  Carry Me (S)
Song:   Carry Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Did you carry me when I was asleep?
You tried to defend me when I was weak, weak, weak
You picked me up that lonely night when the lights died out and
Turned turned to the grey

[Verse 1: Mike GLC]
We was all raised on the hard love
The devil stayed present in the hood but god watched
Yo I see the space where my face got carved up
I drove through the hood the other day, there's a Starbucks
He was raised with the minimals, house full of criminals
Guns in the sitting room, drugs in the linen room
Stepdad in my face like "little nigga be in here soon"
Should have known when uncle got murdered?
Mum kept dying, souls will keep lying
Paperwork to send me away, they keep signing
Every other day, your daughters, they keeps flying
And Mrs Coombs say well we is, we will find them
I'm locked off from the world, there's vinyl and beats rhyming
Looking at my posters, they're keeping my words miming
Then I got sent to a far place
Came out with a heart full of hate and a scarred face

[Verse 2: Meridian Dan]
I feel vexed so I step into the booth
Man talk a lot of shit when they're telling the truth
I could go nuts, put a shell in your tooth
I ran down Tony Bell as a youth (for ice cream)
Did you carry me where
You see a bag of goons round here baggin the gear
Man better sit down back in the chair
Tell them Bossman's back in a year, yeah
Can you carry me Don
Someone got our salaries wrong
I think your battery's gone
Ask anyone about man, I'm a don
You couldn't carry me fam
Your income can't manage me, fam
Inside the manor we jam
Mike GLC, Meridan Dan
Oi Oi Oi, bruv

[Verse 3]
Yeah, it held a tree, first infantry
Daddy weren't around but you can keep your sympathy
Paid my dues, cried relief
They waiting on my tunes, the shepherd guides the sheep
The new belief, I've got food to feast
With the uzi beef, every day I bruise a chief
Hard to guard your mouth, when you've gone without
A nigga's getting robbed when I'm about
What's your cause to kill? For the sword and shield?
Got me trapping just so I can pay all my bills
Working past the clock, didn't have a chance to stop
Dedicated without praise but I don't ask for props
You can't see the game from my angle
Cutting squares diagonal, now they're triangles
I see the feds there, I swear they came for us
Every day, I praise the lassy but I ate her arse