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Artist: Meridian Dan f/ Bossman Birdie, Jme, Natalie Palmer
Album:  Blinded By the Lights (S)
Song:   Blinded By the Lights
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[Verse 1: Meridian Dan]
When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window, the sky was bright
Shall I go for a drive in the German whip? You might see man riding a Japanese bike
I woke up this morning, [?] told me I had to leave out early for Trevor Nelson's 1Xtra Live Lounge, Jme, Bossman Birdie
Throw it up in the Live Lounge, I'm a full-time MC, part-time singer
I am alive and strong, I'm a winner, part of The Streets, but I'm not Mike Skinner
I come from a genre we call grime, some on radio, more online
Meridian Dan is a MC and this is MC Week so we MC

[Chorus: Meridian Dan and (Natalie Palmer)]
And I keep thinking
(The lights are blinding my eyes)
Yo Jamie, I don't know why someone turned all the lights on
And I keep thinking
(People pushing by, and walking off into the night)

[Verse 2: Meridian Dan]
And they better carry on walking, I told them, I've been a G from morning
Anything I'm in, I'm all in, I don't kick ball, does it look like I'm balling?
The spotlight's on man, see man shining
This is so exciting, any way you wanna get cuz, keep grinding
It'll all happen in time, it's timing

[Verse 3: Jme]
And this time 'round, with my old school brothers, rhyming
And everyone's paying attention, cause of the Deutschland vehicle driving
LUX V4 LED lighting, see me at night then it's a hype ting
Turn on the Retrofit HIDs, and they're blinding

[Chorus: Meridian Dan and Natalie Palmer]

[Verse 4: Jme]
Yeah, yeah, they cheer
Meridian Crew of the year
We've waited so long for this, where's President T?
Look, please understand, that I take my hat off to Dan
He's achieved so much, in such a tall timespan

[Verse 5: Bossman Birdie]
It's so peak
Don't do grime, do not preach, stop me, ask for my deets
Don't do fraud so I did not speak
I make music, I make beats
Said they see my face on the roads
Said you must be pranging out with Mike Skinner from The Streets
Bossman's deep
Then he looked like he'd seen a ghost, said you must remember me from "Duppy"
I am the reason them man are ghosts
My flow been the wickedest since "Duppy"
My flow been the wickedest since Genesis
That's Bible or Sega
This grime thing is our premises
Make MCs call their saviour

[Chorus: Meridian Dan and Natalie Palmer (x2)]

[Verse 6: Meridian Dan]
And I write poetry, but I never knew it and I had a hard time, I came through it
Don't eat anything if you can't chew it; don't run away from work, just do it
Anything fam if you want it, you've gotta work hard cuzzy, you're on it
You wanna get a little more Ps in your wallet
Take chances, move quick, fast like Sonic