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Artist: MellowHype (Hodgy Beats & Left Brain)
Album:  YelloWhite
Song:   SmokeSumKushWitMe
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[repeat 2X]
O.F.M. bangin on your FM

[Hodgy Beats]
Yeah; yeah uhh
She she she said that she like my steelo
She just hate the fact that I act like we yo
She my "Sexy Love" like Ne-Yo
And she get it wet, all net, free throw
And wherever he go, she goes
And wherever she go, he goes
To France, we go, romance, sing slow
Come and be with yo' Man-dingo
Crispy like a Pringle, sing it like a jingle
She give me French kisses like she bilingual
Shorty, my French kisser
Hold my hand so tight man I got a couple blisters
But she cheated on me so I blew her to smithers
I'm in denial talkin 'bout, I was never with her
cause she was with another when I wasn't with her
Want me back now but you can keep that nig-ger

[Chorus: Hodgy] + (Left Brain)
Smoke some kush with me
Roll the L with me (roll it up, roll it up)
Take it slow with me (let's take it slow girl)
Blow some dro with me (let's blow some dro girl)
Smoke some kush with me (smoke it up, smoke it up)
Blow some dro with me lLet's roll it up, roll it up)
Smoke some kush with me
Take it slow with me

[Hodgy Beats]
I keep multiple women and I do it for a reason
New chick everyday and they're fluent for a reason
I live a fresh life where everything's new
I can put it on my card and pay when everything's due
"How's everything, Hodgy?" Everything's cool
Well I'm glad to hear that everything is everything boo
I don't know about you but I'm on my mind to get stacks
You fade like jeans like pants you slack
I wash the crease out you, let you dry on the rack
Intruder Mr. Computer, there's a loser tryin to hack
But you can't hack a jack, kick 'em like a hackysack
I get to gigglin because you niggaz are a laughin act
Now how fad is that? I mean how laugh is that?
I mean I'm laughin like I'm in the fuckin Laugh Fac-tory
Man I said this story
Now I'm gon' be gettin the glory