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Artist: MellowHype (Hodgy Beats & Left Brain)
Album:  YelloWhite
Song:   Smile More
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

O.F., ummm
Y'all should just hop on the bandwagon with us right?
Hehe, yeah

Don't eat in my car and I mean that
I'll open the door to the hood where you supposed to be at
I know I'm tight nigga, I don't need your feedback
I'm so active, I cause others to deact
Ha - and when I hear "Run Forrest"
I run for it, like my name Gump Forrest
I'm back like I hunch for it, hunchback
Keep equipment in my handy dandy lunch sack
I gotta have my money blunt wrap
I'm too HARD to look down, so I just jump back
while I'm hangin in the cumulus accumulate the numerous
Tired of being laughed at, well quit bein humorous!
It's a dog eat dog world and you knew the bitch
I hope you had rabies shots before you screwed the bitch
Feel my shit like it's comin out my rectum
Already two-steppin while you skipped over step one

I wanna show you the right way {*3X*}
So why don't you come and follow the MellowHype way?
Come and follow the MellowHype way {*2X*}
I wanna show you the right way {*2X*}

And if you on your grind, I'm on my grind too
Nigga you wanna shine? Well I wanna shine too
You about yo' time? Well I'm times two
Rob you for your spot like you's a blind dude
I'm all about my +Hussle+ like +Nipsey+
If you ain't about that hustle nigga then you just ain't busy
That's why I got my camp behind me and your whole crew with me
Never be on the junk too with my attitude pissy
I be on my skunk tip, leavin verses shitty
Man I gotta eat eggs, toast and the grits please
I get served and homey you get swerved
26's on Suburbs when I pull up to the curb
Fight music; never had to swing swords
I just punch it all in like a keyboard
There's plentiness when I always hope to be more
And appreciating assets, see-more
Three whores it's just me, bring three more
And my CD's sell by the sea-shore
Running with a crew of winners, you can keep score
Score - ha ha ha


Come and follow the MellowHype way {*2X*}
That way? You goin the wrong way
I said that way (which way?)
That way, dumb nigga~!
Ha ha, O.F.
Tyler like to say this so I'ma just say it
O.F.M. bangin on your FM
Oh! It's so just beautiful, you feel me?
Left Brain I feel this beat nigga
I know they feel this beat too
Fuck it, I'm out
Have a good time listenin to the rest of my sheeeit
Ha ha ha ha