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Artist: MellowHype (Hodgy Beats & Left Brain)
Album:  YelloWhite
Song:   ElephunkCircus
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*lion roars*}

[Left Brain]
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Thank you, for coming out tonight
to the Mellow fuckin Hype circus
Left Brain, Hodgy Beats
Lions, tigers, bears and wolves
Hold on to your seats people

[Hodgy Beats]
Mellow as the ocean, Hype like my nerves is
It's MellowHype in my "ElephunkCircus"
Music waiter; I serve you like a clerk did
Nine to five and I don't even like to work shifts
Hindu fires light the life of the party
On your mark, get set, go, get them engines started
Lions, tigers, monkeys locked away from the audience
Clowns runnin through the crowd fightin in their argument
They keep splashin the water, even splashin your daughter
The whiplash caught her, ballons cash cough up
When you watch the woman balance on a tightrope
Your adrenaline pump, it give you a tight throat
Cantaloupe, antelope, antidote, white goats
Clowns paintin kids faces telling impolite jokes
As time blows over, and the show's over
I'm riding home with giraffes in my ruh-Rover

[Left Brain]
Oh shit
O.F., Odd Future
It's MellowHype
Yeah, pass the peanuts

{*lion roars*}