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Artist: MellowHype f/ Frank Ocean
Album:  Numbers
Song:   Astro
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
I said - niggaz be takin life too serious
I swear my music take lives uh, period
MellowHype, things are dependent free mind pyramids
Breaking walls down, never a +Black Hawk Down+, oh
They put a label on me but I see they're all clowns
That's why I talk English and think fast
Feel my words through the ink's last letter
which'll never turn his back, back catcher, I grab
extra magazines I'm in, to remind me of the places I've been
Returnin to visit again, me and my fuckin friends
Before I hit the stage I clinch my microphone until my fist hurt
Before I eat sushi, I'd rather get to know the fish first
For all the cats behind my time that rhyme - that shit's wok
Everything in my mental state now I'm secure, mental wayste
Dental plates in my jaw for spittin raw just because
I like to floss my talent

[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
Think I'ma wear the yellow tux at the Grammyss
And rock out with my cock out...
Like "Who this kid think he is?"
It's just somethin I seen Prince do, it's true
No matter what, I'm showin up, who gives a flyin floatin fuck
what people say, or think?
Cause end of the day, start of the day
They all said we wouldn't get here anyway
You blink, and Wolf Gang's in this bitch

[Hodgy Beats]
When I was a kid I wanted to be just like you
(When I grew up, when I, when I grew up)
Write my own rhymes, recite 'em a couple times
Hopin one day it blew up so me and my niggaz could shine
I got three quarters and about ten dimes
You can split them tens up cause both these corners are mines nigga
Let's fuckin celebrate, Wolf Gang confederate
We made it, we made it, we made it and you hatin
Cause we made it and we made it
and that is not an understatement (oh!)
I put that on the people that I stay with
Live day to day with, tour bus is the slave ship
Niggaz worked the grave shift, record clean up and play disc
We must be misbehavin
But the fans love it, they get the subject
Niggaz claim to be rappers but don't fulfil the substance
Fuckin rubbish I'll dust quick, nothin to fuck with
I've got my hands on my balls, like my nuts itch


[Frank Ocean]
I remember I first played Trick some O.F. shit
He fronted on it like "Naw that shit'll never work"
Hehehehe - like what? Family
These two wrists of mine
I had to make them gold, you've gotta let me shine
If you're a friend of mine, ask any friend of mine
I'll never block your glow, won't curb yo' high

[repeat 2X]
We be, in a place they never been
Hella bands for the hell of it in Paris, Paris, Paris
White wings on desert sand
Flyin over the Taliban, probably