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Artist: MellowHype (Hodgy Beats & Left Brain)
Album:  Numbers
Song:   65
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
Uhh, today isn't just any occasion
My button-up's a nigger and the jacket's caucasian
Oh, black and white crimes is the justification
Gold tie to separate them from their clossest relation
Cause shit, a nigga's actions like acceleration
and if I die before you die, I'll be in Hell awaitin
I'm a sick minded freak, six minds kinda think
Sitcom blinded geek found life by hide-and-seek
I climb the steep, few times a week
The line's mesquite, the blondest streak
Life is a bitch cause she kinda sweet
Then go behind your spinal structure cause she sly and weak
Four bars left and I'ma lie in the street
where the crosswalk is met by a 90 degree
Two bars and goin before that light turn green
One bar and come and blink to the next scene
Bitch I'm a red camera, scannin all of you amateurs
Me and my dangerous +Wolves+ are runnin Los Angeles
Dope, in the can of this canister green cannabis
Write Mellowhype on the bannister, give my analysist
I like how being anal sits, tell 'em stick to the manuscript
I think with the same hand I writ, breakin grams down
My word's my bond, like I write with my dic
The night is crypt, bitch, MellowHype

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I illustrate the path that I journey
Can't nobody see me nor, can somebody hurt me
Flow contagious like a herpes at the tip of a Slurpie
straw that you draw in, your effective cause friend

Close your eyes
Close your eyes
What do you see?
I said close your eyes
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
What do you see?

[Hodgy Beats]
I see nothin sometimes, I see nothin but rhymes
Mental crimes, fulfill the lonely chimes and percussion
Melodies of keys are the remedies of these
The only sneeze is a snare blowin smoke in the air
I see the wear-and-tear emotions fallin off your weary shoulders
Browsin the I-don't-care folder seems to be the escape
Determination is the key, you gotta let go of faith
And everyone you gave your faith to, so faithful
Ungrateful they make you and they make you sad
Hop out of your passenger seat heated, catchin a cab
The fiasco just opened up a closed scab
Sore feelings, more feelings, your feelings colla-borate


What do you see?
Put your hands up, put your hands up
Nigga put your hands up, put your
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
MellowHype nigga, "Numbers"
Takin over this shit
One life, I put that on my grandmomma's grandmomma nigga
Close your eyes bitch
Take this dick, what do you see?