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Artist: MellowHype f/ Mike G
Album:  BlackenedWhite
Song:   Loaded
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
Get the scale, weed I got a grip for sale
Bitch I'm makin chip off sales while sippin on white Zinfandael
Probably sippin still cause it is my favorite flavor
My beat wake the block up like Hodgy Beats hates all his neighbors
They call the po'-po', I'm cocking back the 44
The one man army, my automatic Rose Gold
Double Oh, subtract one numero from Seven
Taking niggaz back to school like a bus ride for adolescents
Wolves plottin for their Future like fuckin investments
And I go so hard, that's why yo' bitch keep on caressin
Flat iron and pressin, my VCR buttons
But this a DVD so you can watch it with your cousins
2010, bitch we get it in
Go ahead, tell yo' friends, I hope them bitches be twins
Doobies in jacuzzis, white bitches with big booties
I'm a pirate, goin after them diamonds and them rubies

[Chorus: Mike G] + (Hodgy Beats)
I be like, hello play them corners like their cellos
It go crazy in the streets when the Hype gets Mellow
(I got my feet up, laid back, smokin on a haze sack)
(Sittin on a haystack, we go off like grenade caps)
Makeshift millions, knockin down your buildings
Know they fear me I'm a villain, stacking dollars to the ceiling
(I'm on the corner for you, judge me I'll destroy your lawyer)
(Outta Luckett like LeToya, Mellow one's too Hype to bore you)

[Hodgy Beats]
Girl you so sour but you sweet like candy
Let's fuck in the forest, Mother Nature and Bambi
Balling like Camby, organic like cran' be
Glass house on the beach for when I want to getsSandy
Everything is dandy, ask my nigger Handy
I take a strike in +L.A+. lights like I'm +Dodgin+ with Manny
Girls drop them panties, even their aunties... no grannies
Grandma, I'm leakin on the beat like a tampon
Phlegm spitting 'til my whole Odd Future camps on
We get our camp on, Jansport and Eddie Bauer
Stay fresh before hoppin up in any shower
Death to haters tryin to take minutes up off my hour
I got the hood with me, I'm the nigga with the power
Weed, co-caine, and the muh'fuckin zannies
Me and Brain lurk together like a fuckin family


[Mike G]
I mastered this, in sessions I be last to hit
But my confidence brim, that means there's none after this
This rhyme spittin done turned me to a convict, I'm fuckin sick
There's no resolution to this conflict
Well, death might be one
But there's no stoppin these Wolves, for your heads we come
I'm a rider; garage got motorbikes in it
They confused, scratch their heads like there's fuckin lice in it
Party hard, man it's golden, have them hands foldin
Mellow keep it rollin, that's how we stay loaded
Like them fo'-fo's, they stay in them fo'-doors
Bitches watch when they go slow, we pimp them hoes that drive Rodeo's
and Volvo's, because they fuck with lame niggaz
They ain't learn? Hatin niggaz, won't make your chain bigger
You're comedy to me, and crowds flee when your shit's on
You get fake applause like a TV sitcom