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Artist: MellowHype f/ Tyler, the Creator
Album:  BlackenedWhite
Song:   Fuck the Police
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Hodgy Beats]
{*gun shot, sirens race by*} Yo what the fuck?
Yo do I hear sirens motherfucker?
Aiyyo, grab the muh'fuckin AK-4-7 out the trunk nigga
Ay and that sawed off too {*laughing*}
We goin to war

[Hodgy Beats]
Nigga this is BlackenedWhite
Nigga fuck the black and whites
Got a strap, my motherfuckin bat and knife
Can't wait 'til a cop ain't actin right
Why the fuck the feds keep callin us?
Pullin up in trucks, carried off in a bus
Bitch I'm smokin O.G.
Premeditated O-Z
Organized crime, I kill your boss
SK for dinner and forget to floss
Kidnap a DT, tie his ass to a cross
Run a +Cartel+ like a real Rick Ross
Jewelry runnin like I'm heavy hardcore
Drive-by 207 and 11-24
I'm a 417 with a bulletproof vest
Bust his motherfuckin head, got his motherfuckin neck
Plus 11-99 in his motherfuckin chest
Aimin at his partner who know he up next
or any grand thefts, man I don't give a fuck
Dump his dead body outta my pick up truck
Left Brain is a 51-50
Reason MellowHype BlackenedWhite's rollin with me
R.I.P. to the cops with the goal to get me
I'm a 390, nigga fuckin tipsy

Bitch, fuck the police, motherfuck the police (kill 'em all)
Fuck the police, motherfuck the police (fuck 'em all)
Fuck the police, motherfuck the police (Wolf Gang)
Fuck 'em all, kill 'em all, fuck the police

[Left Brain]
I said...
Fuck a cop non-stop
Pop the Glock, my bitch is Uffie
Pull off in my all black Humvee
So the pigs don't tryin' cuff me
I'm sippin 2-11
Bout to plan a 211
Murder your partner he'll meet you in heaven
Lucky number 667 I mean 666
I got six clips to the fuckin duct tape
Ay, butt rape on a female cop
She can chew my balls, she can swallow my cock
Try and pull me over, I will not stop
22350 nigga on the block
Kill him hands down
Callin all cars, there's another man down


[Tyler, the Creator]
A couple of Sprites but no beer
This Batmobile is real hard to steer
So on my way here I hit a couple of queer
My windshield got hit and smashed a couple of deer
Aww shit, the piggy is getting near
I would speed chase but nothing is in the clear
He's pulling to the rear and all I fucking hear is
(Can I see your registration?)
Fuck you cop, you can nibble my cock!
Fuck that job been around that block!
All you wanna do is get that stick
Beat me with it while the rest sit and watch
Nigga fuck you cracker, I put you six feet
(Well what are you a rapper?) And I'm six feet
I'm black and I'm loud, what a damn co-winky-dink
(Alright listen nigger, can you please get out of the vehicle?)
Fuck you pig what? (You're gonna get handcuffed)
(Drove to the station and get a couple years inside of the prison)
Why? So I can get shanked up and get butt fucked? (Yeah)
Well that's not happening captain
Not this time nigga BAP! BAP! BAP! BAP!
(Houston we have a nigger down)
(And the nigger that did it loves them gun sounds)
Bow, bow, bow, pbow, bust triple six round
Now that's six cops found on that ground
All I wanted to do was get that trick down
That sick set, tryna get my kickflips wet
(But no, po'-po' did not wanna see)
That O.F.W. motherfuckin G
Nigga this Wolf Gang, fuck L.A.P.D.