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Artist: Meek Mill f/ Nipsey Hussle, Sean Kingston
Album:  Dreams & Nightmares
Song:   Don't Do It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Sean Kingston]
These hose are trifliní
Thatís why we ain't gon wife Ďem
These young niggas better smart up
And donít get caught up
Said shawty got a husband
But she out here creepiní
These young niggas better smart up
And donít get caught up

Donít do it, noooo
Donít do it, noooo
Donít do it,
Just cause she fine with ass
But she just want a nigga with cash
She trifliní

[Meek Mill]
Shawty got a man, but she creepiní though
I guess she want a young nigga eatiní though
But I was never known to keep a hoe
Met her in mia, was with my nigga Tre a week ago
A friend told me he had two weeks before
She said she ain't fuck in months, Iím like you sneaky hoe
But I knew some bitches like my sneakers though
Fucking all my homies she was tryna keep a secret though
Loving the crew, love the place for the team
She sucking my dick, guess we chasing her dream
Iím made her go ham, he made her a queen
I ain't chasing these hoes, no nigga Iím chasing this cream

[Sean Kingston - Chorus]

[Nipsey Hussle]
She look good, but to me she just a bummy bitch
Tryna fall in love cause she know Iím bumpy rich
Hear my name ringing, she know Iím on my tip
She canít walk out her house without hearing Ďem play my shit
2008 came in this game and I ain't made a grip
Iím sucking, ducking, fucking with the ones I made it with
One thing they knew about Nip Hussle I donít save a bitch
She be content with saying, she done fucked a famous crip
Basic bitches that we flippiní, you be laying with
Her pussy played out, we call that Avirex
OBGYN, she got you in labour with
Your maybe baby cause you weak and be chasing yo dick nigga