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Artist: Meek Mill f/ Cory Gunz, DJ Drama, French Montana, Mase
Album:  Dreamchasers 3
Song:   Right Now
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: DJ Drama]
They say they want a 506 trial, said I've been goin' too mack
So you know what? I'mma wake up and give 'me they mothafuckin' dreams

[Chorus: French Montana] + {Meek Mill}
Light the mu'fuckin' roof on fire {WOOOOO!}
Know you see that coupe when we ride {Pull up! Pull up! Pull up! Pull up!}
I'm talkin' right now (right now) right now (right now) - shawty slide
I'm talkin' right now (right now) right now (right now)
Light the mu'fuckin' roof on fire {WOOOOO!}
See that coupe when we ride {Pull up! Pull up! Pull up! Pull up!}
I'm talkin' right now (right now) right now (right now)
Right now (right now) right now (right now)

[Meek Mill]
Yeah, okay
The roof on fire (okay) let the mu'fucker burn (Let it burn)
Yo friend took a molly, it's yo mu'fuckin' turn (Yo turn)
And y'all know all my money straight (it's straight) like a mu'fuckin' perm (no perm)
And all I get is brain, and still ain't mu'ucking learn
Hold up, nigga right now, turn the lights down with a thick bad bitch and she light brown
And she gone make that ass clap, for a real nigga like right now
Ohh, ohh, and I'm iced down, but that pussy so wet I might drown
With my swimwear, I jump in there, like splash!


[Cory Gunz]
Militia Gang, whattup {?}, DC, Young Money

Fuck hoes we don't love those, nigga you don't live by the thug code
It's +Levels+ to this shit, it's metals in this shit, and several niggas get introduced to the snub nose
Stomp niggas out 'til the club close (haha) leave a nigga shirt filled with mud holes
All my flows they love those, we ain't the same set but you wearing blood clothes
I'm loaded now, fuck you talkin' 'bout?
I just left the judge I just met your bitch that mean it's goin' down


Yeah, yeah, uh
Man what it look like, bein' a nigga got the lot of y'all?
Little snitch nigga like a fly on the wall and I'm in a chick head like Tylenol
And I roll up in that black 'Bach, Matte black or that black Lac
And I put another hole in your snapback, step back, act bad
Who said somethin' I ain't gettin' on nothin'? Nigga picture that; pop that nigga
Stop that nigga, drop that nigga, watch that nigga, rock that nigga, we get it back
When I turn up niggas wanna chill (niggas wanna chill?) I figured that
Murder back on that old ish, point me back where the strippers at