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Artist: Meek Mill f/ DJ Drama, Guordan, Jadakiss
Album:  Dreamchasers 3
Song:   Heaven or Hell
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: DJ Drama] + (Guordan)
Ayo, this the one? (Nobody)
We all get caught in our own sins (nobody, nobody, nobody)
Sometimes I have to remind myself
That on my worst day I live like somebody on their greatest (nobody.. ooohh)
Don't let your demons take you to hell, introduce them to heaven

[Chorus: Guordan]
Some niggas go to college, some niggas go to jail
Some make it into heaven - ooohh, some make it into hell
Nobody want to lose, nobody want to fail
Nobody want to die, nobody want to kill
The things, weee, do.. just to maaake, it, through
Ooohh, but nobody want to lose, nobody want to fail
Nobody want to die, we're just tryna live our lives - on here

[Meek Mill]
Yeah, look, I got homies in the ground, skeleton and bones
And niggas doin' life, they ain't ever comin' home
They said I wouldn't make it or never see the throne
And my baby mama hate me cause she said I did her wrong
Cause I left to +chase+ my +dream+, get it any means
I said that I'll be back, she wasn't listenin' to me
That back and forth arguin' was gettin' in between
I said "Fuck them other niggas, I go get it with my team"
If we all grind, we all shine, fuck a part time
I used to play the block early morning and dark time
Now it's G5 flights, fuck a depart time
It was hard times, nigga now it's our time
Just take a look at my life, rappin' brought me back to life
Cause I was in them streets, my heart was cold as a pack of ice
Every night we strappin' like we was in Iraq to fight
Cause niggas getting murdered for a block that do a stack a night
Woah, I got to make it home to my son
On them papers with a firm hold on this gun
Before I snitch they gotta burn a hole in my tongue
Give me a hundred years in a hole on the sun
In boiling water, in the world of no order
In the hood ain't no loyalty, ain't no world for your daughter
Ain't no life for your brother, on the life of my mother
I'mma get the fam right, nigga you damn right


Uh, yeah, I used to pop a lot of shit (haha) now I keep it moderate
These niggas know I been iced out, hoppin' out of shit (they know)
Right now I'm prayin' for my son to get this scholarship (uh-huh)
A nice university, one of these black colleges
Far as the hood go, I acknowledge it
But whoever ain't a snake usually a follower (heard me?)
Luckily, I can tell a difference (uh)
My man comin' home, my other man gettin' sentenced
Soft niggas usually send the hate through the bitches (yup)
Jealous Instagram niggas hatin' on your pictures (haha)
We +Dreamchasin'+, y'all niggas walkin' behind wishes (uhh)
Without workin' for it, not often you find riches (uh-uh
Some niggas find coffins others just find ditches (yup)
Just ask around 'bout the militia, they malicious
D-Block, finish that and cop more dope (hmm)
Haha, I'm two-stroke, you four-stroke
If you got enough cigars we can all smoke (light it)
Ain't nothin' all good when you all broke (nothin')
So we could never be equal (never)
Never bite the hand that'll feed you (never)
Never fear a man if he bleed too (never)
Some niggas need a head shot, some niggas need two
Play sweet in these streets and they'll leave you
You can't see the devil, he's see-through