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Artist: Meek Mill f/ Anuel AA, Fabolous
Album:  Championships
Song:   Uptown Vibes
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{"Papamitrou Boi"}

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Spanish bitch from uptown
I bought her a bust down
Yeah, oh

[Meek Mill]
Ven aquí, dame chocha 'til my Spanish loca
in the kitchen whippin that dope up, you can smell the odor
Pablo pitchin, we gon' hit it like we Sammy Sosa (gimme that)
Put that Bentley to the limit, you can smell the odor
Ho! Spanish bitches call me "Chulo"
When I'm pullin up in that two-door diamonds different color, uno
All these hunnids on me mami, man my pockets look like sumo
I got money out the ass, I finger pop you in your culo
When I hit you with that, you know (you know)
You know, smoke a little hookah (hookah) kick it like it's Judo (Judo)
Let you hit the OG (OG) sip some 42 though (yeah)
And when we get in mood I'ma dog it like I'm Cujo, whoa!

[Chorus: Meek Mill]
Heard they tryna steal the wave, cut it out, cut it out
Spicy mamis on the way, bust it down, bust it down
Saw my watch, she love the way I flood it out, ay
Talk to me nice, show you what these Bentleys 'bout, whoa
Pipe down, throwin up shots
First we shut 'em down, then we open up shop
Realest nigga around just in case y'all forgot
They've been tryna stop the wave but the wave don't stop!

Uptown nigga
I was down, but they see I'm up now nigga
Head high cause I'm holdin up my crown nigga
Never told, even through the ups and downs nigga
And if I D'usse, it's a cup of brown nigga
Only way I double cross is
I just keep spinnin, only to make 'em nauseous
Dimelo mami, like salsa we could dip
I'm just tryna see you dance, salsa on the dick, whoa
It went down, she came up, you know
Y'all take shots, y'all aim up, you know
Hate on low, but we fly high, you know
Talk is cheap, free WiFi, whoa


[Anuel AA - over Chorus]
Brrr, Anuel, ahh
Mera, dime Spiff, los intocables, cabron
Ah, brrr, haha

[Anuel AA]
Vo' a estar al volante (volante) de la vuelta 'el cantante (brrr)
Que tiene guerra con los narcotraficantes (ahh)
Hijo 'e puta, tengo cuatro rutas
Y lo' vendo a treinta y dos como Karl Malone en el Utah (Utah)
Louboutin, Dolce y Versace (haha)
Vo' a morirme millonario, Los Illuminati (Los Illuminati)
La glope' y las puta' en el bote (brrr)
Y las nalga' como Jennifer Lopez, brrr! (ah)
Y la ella rebota ese culote
Y yo le mamo ese totito pa' que no me bote (pa' que no me bote)
Yo tengo diez dracotes (brrr)
Y tenemos trece R y mil soldados pa' to' estos bichotes (haha!)