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Artist: Median f/ Phonte
Album:  The Sender
Song:   Take a Chance
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{sound of people talking in background until Median taps wine glass}

[Intro: Median]
Like to make a toast (Aight)
To the gift of giving, the pleasure of pleasing
and receiving, to the sender {*everyone agrees*}
Step up, on your mark...

...set, go and I'm gone y'all to Kev Brown's +Low End Theory+
Sky highs are cloudy, slight chance of shower
and buckle up, though at this speed with this power
Nothing would survive in that instant
I never understood the discipline, 'til I got 
a whiff of the turbulence, then I got a glimpse of the purpose
No need to pen it, I murder it
So independent, I co-defend
Me and Phontigga, my confidant, run up in this gig like Columbine
Only sparing kids and concubines, mazel tov
Mooleys, nothing dyin on this duty
It's the rap phenomenon yours truly, fuck moody
Caliente, but bipolar flows keep me ice cap cold
Lampin in the snow, S-80 Volvo baby
Never mind the curse, the kid Kanye speakers
is safe full of features, the {?} be me the presentation
The babes chasin for the king with the queen still I swing
Open communication, the gates cheatin
Undefine 'em, raise three vaginas from fetuses 
to Sasha/Malia ish

("Another classic JOINT!")
Baby, BAY-BAY~!

Yo Median, let me take it from here, my nigga
New Tigallo New Tigallo New Tigallo

Aiyyo, they say +Murder He Wrote+ this
Goin off like Hiroshima spittin fe-rocious
And it's only a gamble if oyu don't know what you bettin on
Phontigga always de-liver like cirrhosis
What I fear most is, these Carl Thomas niggaz
gettin +Emotion-al+, with the mere notion
On some divide and conquer shit, it leaves a mere quotient
Keep a ear to the streets and what I hear most is
"'Authenticity' dawg, you put a hurtin on it
 'Connected', 'Leave It All Behind', you put a hurtin on it
 But what's the deal with you and 9th on the solo?"
I say, "We was homeboys befo' rap, nigga we workin on it"
But right now, we gotsta bring my mans back
My J-League brethern, true pio-nee-r
Got a master plan that I just can't di-vulge
But listenin to y'all records, I reckon it won't be hard
Kev Brown got the shit bangin like a TR -- 808
Say my grace then be off
Cause y'all go dumb, I go full retard
Run that, this is the come back, BEEYOTCH~!!

[Outro: Median]
To my J-League crew, that's wassup
To the whole Low Budget, that's wassup
To my pops and my mother, that's wassup
To my blood five brothers, that's wassup
To my lady ?Ish Beezy?, that's wassup
To my nigga D. Doug, nigga that's wassup
Ah Mya Karma and Eden, baby that's wassup
And you know we don't STOP!

"You like to take a chance, are you ready?"
"Yes, I'm ready"