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Artist: Median
Album:  Median's Relief
Song:   How Big Is Your World
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Chop shop. Moody/Median. 9th Wonder. What? 

[Verse One]
A tree died for me to scribe on this loose leaf
Shallow niggas like, "Median is too deep"
Cats stay frontin' like they runnin' who's streets?
World Trade terror?
Now that's true beef
The innocent fear for they life now
Runnin' out the White House
Shut down airlines, they cuttin' lights out
The temperature is risin'
Meltin' ice down
At the polars of the Earth and we gettin' high now
Scriptures, Revelations, bout to reach their height now
And we watchin' it on TV, like movies of the week
Thin line between fiction, reality
Who teach the violence, but where all the wildin' be
To enterprise, just take God and y'all eat
I should have saw it comin'
I was tryin' to find a freak
Streets raised me to find a grind tryin' to eat
And keep a little stash until I find the hottest sneeks
Turn big Willie
Throw blinders on the Jeep
And spend drug money as we drive economy
And now we got killers livin' where my momma be
And we stack paper for that by any means?
They never said stayin' in school was playin' cool
Cash Rules Everything but I'm not moved
I never missed a syllable that them bigger niggas mentioned
They respect the sports and the niggas in the prisons
I'm a product of environment
How big is your world? [x4]
Can you see it?
How big is your world? [x4]
Can you see it?
How big is your world?
Can you see it?
How big is your world?
Can you feel it?
How big is your world? [x2]
Can you taste it?
Embrace it?
How big is your world

[Verse Two]
But who can I blame for the ways of my life?
Do I wanna change or just waste all my life?
Median is balanced but at times I'm Moody
And all he wants; a brew and a dutch and a true freak
I know that type of livin' only causes casualties
But tell that to Moody, my split personality
He really don't mean no harm
He's kinda calm
But kinda energetic
With the ladies he's a charm
Posses the gift of gab
He's witty, you'll laugh
He's the one you've seen if I've ever played the ass
Don't have problems sayin' that
I got some issues
Walk a mile in my big shoes
Can say this though
It may sound like I'm wildin'
But Median is bout to handle my problems
Tryin' to get my mom out the factory job
Arthritis in her hands be makin' her wrists throb
But she's got a car note and a mortgage to pay
So even if I get high I grind everyday
Plus hustle to them classes tryin' to make good grades
Is it time for work till it's time for play?