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Artist: MC Lars f/ Watsky
Album:  The Zombie Dinosaur
Song:   Never Afraid
Typed by: @MCLars

[Charlyne] I was never afraid [x4]

On a big blue couch in the corner of the kitchen
we went on many missions and amazing expeditions
fying through the pages on that Magic School Bus
Shel Silverstein rode shortgun, but it was up to us
to peel apart the layers and search for the dragons
the cats wearing hats, Curious George and Peter Rabbit
the newest freshest books? Mom always brought them home
then in high school it was Steinbeck, Keats and Edgar Allan Poe


Don't let the memories fade, we've got to make them last
I was still a baby when Grandma Katy passed
and passed on her hardcover novels
with the Sutherlin nameplates, our family gospel
'cause I'm not sure if the lord is above
but I know that your mother is alive in the stories you love
that you read to us when we were little, until we were grown
and I'm gonna pass them on when I've got some kids of my own

(Kids of my own)

[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Lars] (of the monsters in the closet, it would be alright)
[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Lars] (reading Goosebumps up in Tahoe on those summer nights)

[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Watsky] (of a moaning ghost, or of a pile bones)
[Charlyne] I was never afraid

Watsky: (even when the floorboards groaned)

Did Stuart Little give up? (No!) He always persevered
you came on stage at Warped Tour, remember how they cheered?
And unlike Jackie Paper I'll be back to Honalee
to play you my new demos, 'cause you're so honest with me
at home you won't put up with that rapper ego crap
'cause to you I'm still Andrew, and I'll always treasure that
I'd choose my own adventure, it's taken me so far
ghostriding giant peaches, catching seagulls with these bars

Keep all your nickles and dimes, feed me your riddles and rhymes
read me your Wrinkle in Time, build me a bridge out to Terabithia, meet me at nine
on the mysterious island, right at the scene of the crime
come with Captain Nemo, but I'm emo, don't leave me behind
staring at the sun out on the cape until we're legally blind
freeze any Mutiny on the Bounty, just cary me there
out by Where the Red Fern Grows and just bury me there

(Bury me there)

[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Lars] (of the Twits or the Grinch or even Captain Hook)
[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Lars] (of Boggis, Bunce or Bean, no I was never shook)
[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Watsky] (of the Grendel or of Ichabod Crane)
[Charlyne] I was never afraid

[Watsky] (even when the Tripods came)
[Charlyne] Now suddenly
for the first time
I'm ready to be loved

And If I ever have kids, I'll read them Stega Nona
Lyle Lyle Crocodile, Matilda and Ramona

I'll never give 'em the back of my hand
give 'em the Giver, the River, Hatchet and Raggedy Ann

And even as a rap fiend, mama
you always kept my hats clean, mama

Even though we have seen drama
you always had the vaccine, mama

[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Lars] (of gettin' lost in Narnia because we had a map)
[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Lars] (in those Oakland Hills sitting on my mama's lap)

[Charlyne] I was never afraid
[Watsky] (in Jumanji, or of Anansi)
[Charlyne] I was never afraid

[Watsky] (there's no Ork or Morlock that haunts me)

[Charlyne] I was never afraid [x4]