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Artist: MC Lars f/ Nick Lavallee
Album:  Indie Rocket Science
Song:   Paul and Phl Are Friends
Typed by: @mc_lars (Horris Records)

My name is Paul, these are my laserdiscs
My name is Phil, these are my tapes

Yes, I'm Phil. I am Paul's friend
Oh hi, pretty pretty. Nice to see you again
I like VHS tapes to watch on my TV
I like laserdiscs for the higher quality
If you're a hot babe, you can "Stand By Me"
Hotter babes will watch "Land Before Time" 1 and 3
We can watch "Backdraft", but if it gets too hot,
we'll have to cool things down with a "Disney Big Box"

I can be your "Top Gun", you can be my Goose
Michael Keaton multiplied ("Multiplicity") is cooler than Tom Cruise
"Days of Thunder" turning into nights that are romantic
You're more "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" than large like "Titanic"
"Twister" with a hot babe, she was my Helen Hunt
You're a "Liar Liar", if I should be so blunt
Relax "Blues Brother", there's no need to rage
Let's watch a movie …"Birdcage”