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Artist: MC Lars f/ Random (Mega Ran)
Album:  Edgar Allan Poe EP
Song:   The Tell Tale <3
Typed by: @mc_lars @MegaRan

Boom that's the sound of the heart bringing doom
In the floor boards up in the room
All day every night every day like boom, boom, boom, boom boom

Some call me a good man, even passionate
I'd even give you my last if you asked for it
In my twilight so I need assistance
I hired a caretaker a week after Christmas
He's very good at what he does
Fixes banana pancakes which I love
And he treats me awesomely
But one thing that kid of bothers me
he never looks in my eye when he talks to me
My only sin is that I look a little different
Can't understand why he's trippin'
Over my appearance? Got to be more than that
Passin' judgment like he's some kinda quarterback
I just need some kind of peace
I mean I think he even watches me when I'm tryin' to sleep
But he does the job well, and that's enough for me
I just wanna live my last days comfortably

[Repeat Chorus]

[MC Lars]
It's time for the blood bath
Yes I'm sure, pray to your lord
I've been haunted by the man since back in 04
Time to get revenge and so I wait by the door
Hiding in the shadows got an evil plot in store –
I'm sure he be – catching Zs ‘cause he snores
Want to cut his eye out, throw it on the floor
Leave the crime scene so clean well of course
Too bad I'm a victim of the Poe folk lore
Hubris it's a problem – seen it before
Homboy heard me coming knew that he was done for
“Who's there” he screamed I attacked with the force
suffocated him till he could breathe no more
by four he was dead and his soul transformed
put him the chamber underneath the floorboards
nevermore as a corpse would he bother me or
he could come back somehow from the morgue

[Repeat Chorus]

Now I'm dead and gone feeling no more pain
frame has ceased but my spirit remains
So he thinks I'll never creep him out again, huh?
Little does he know the scary part's just beginning
He invites the cops in, this guy's so cocky
Sits down right next to where he hid the body
Just then something comes over my spirit
My heart starts beating, but only he can hear it
It starts off softly, the volume increases
Soon it's deafening, piercing like a weapon and
He realizes that it's coming from the floor boards
Confesesses the crime and he can't take it anymore
The cops dig me up open the shut case
Now he's in the penitentiary pressing up plates
If I told you how you'd only be amazed
avenged my own from beyond the grave

Screw you old man what a horrible trick
you really make me sick because they caught me quick
Now they locked me in a cell and I'm here for life
A man named Bubba tryin' to make me his wife
But they thought I was finished the were sure I was done so I'm
planning my escape soon I'll be on the run
Gonna find your body when I finally get home
Rip the beating heart out just like Indiana Jones
Put it in a blender grind it up for a minute
Drink down quick it will really taste delicious
Oh wait, that's a bad idea
Then you'll always be up in my kitchen like Ikea
I punked you and you punked me back,
So let's let it go and just leave it at that
Because we're just two wild and crazy guys
Playing pranks on eachother and running our lives

[Repeat Chorus]