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Artist: MC Duke
Album:  Organised Rhyme
Song:   We Got to Work
Typed by: Matt Jost

[ VERSE 1: MC Duke ]
Open your eyes, stretch your arms, scratch your head
Remove your ass from your bed
Morning's here, it's crisp and clear
And as you look at your clock you scream in fear
Late again, my friend, and don't pretend
That you didn't have enough time to sleep
You stayed out late talkin to the cuties
At a party, the conversation was deep
Oh my golly, oh my gosh
Haven't got enough time to take a wash
No time to fresh and you look ( ? )
The way you got your right shoe over on your left
Ran down the street, pullin up your zipper
Same time lit a cigarette with the clipper
Bus drove by and honked the horn
Caught your sleeve on a twig, now the shirt is torn
Kept on runnin in a state of shock
Missed the train, so it's ten more blocks
Got to your job, punched in the card
The boss is cool but laughs real hard

Everybody's got to earn some money
And some of us find we have to lend
And without it life is never funny
Ask the homeless, they don't have no friends
We got to work

[ VERSE 2: MC Duke ]
You're in it, are you with it, is your mind awake?
Can't wait to take your next coffee break
Workin here is such a drag
On the ( ? ) with mom and dad
They let you sleep, they know the deal
And you don't care cause you get your meals
Four jobs you had in the last six weeks
To hell with work, I'ma chase a freak
Phone in sick, that does the trick
And the secretary's gettin all the ( ? )
Dictation on inflation
No pay rise for the whole of the nation
6.5 or 7 percent
And that all goes on payin the poll tax
Max, relax and send the fax
Another one sacks ( ? ) new jack
Crack the whip, this is your trip
Can't get on board if you jump ship
Are you hip, did you get a grip?
Just learnin things, we don't take no shit


[ VERSE 3: MC Duke ]
You stand at the bus stop, your hands are cold
A man drives by in a brand new Rolls
It starts to rain, got caught again
And you dream of livin life in the fast lane
Diamonds and women who wear fur coats
Real fast cars and exotic boats
Moats all dug deep around the castle
To keep out the chumps who start to hassle
Snapped yourself right out of the picture
Along came the bus and it nearly hit ya
Look at the driver, he looks back
And you know it's on, so you cut the crap
Paid your fare and grabbed a seat
At the back of the bus to rest your feet
Fall in a sleep is instantaneous
Dreams you had were miscellaneous
All seem to point to just one thing:
How could you make your life win?
Easy, cool and oh so calm
With a platinum Rolex on your arm


[ VERSE 4: MC Duke ]
You got not job, you got no prospects
You didn't even try, so yo man, what's next?
Panhandlin around your friends
Now how you gonna pay back the money you lent?
Then again, you could rob a bank
All you gotta do is steal a tank
To end the crime within my rhyme
You win the time, get to the back of the line
Cause that's where you'll find yourself
Someone else has got all the wealth
Maybe me, maybe she, maybe he
Or homeboy O-n-e
See, cause this is how we choose to get paid
I'm not a whore but you know I get laid
Not police, a nurse or a doctor
Blue-blooded born and sworn to rock ya
Swingin back and forth to my metaphor
You wanna say my rhyme, you need a better draw
To make my point and end the rhyme
Only you pay you at the end of time