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Artist: MC Duke
Album:  Organised Ryhme
Song:   Gotta Get Your Own
Typed by: Matt Jost

[ VERSE 1: MC Duke ]
Wake up, see the light, it's time to get it right
Mind is might, I recite all your plight
Hype to the bone when I'm in the zone
( ? ) not a clone but all my own
Rhyme with reason, I don't do treason
Feathers'll fly cause it's duck season
I'm righteous right down to my molecule
If you need a fire, right here's the fuel
You'll be protected, bad ones selected
If injected, bodybag collect it
You shoulda checked it, now I wrecked it
A lucky Medusa, your face I deflected
See, the way that you say it is
Is not for real or the way it is
So remember what I'm sayin when you're rollin, homes
(Get up...) You gots to get your own

(Got to get your own
Cause they sho' ain't gon' give you none)  --> Reuben Wilson

[ VERSE 2: MC Duke ]
I read the - history books but history looks
Like corruption, crooks and Captain Cook
The hook's in my back, lyin on a rack
But my history started way before that
Pyramids were built but you show no guilt
You're still puttin your blade right to the hilt
Twist and turn as you earn
And I yearned for all the lessons that I've learned
To be, on my race, just in case
I don't live my life in feathers or lace
Place level, go to your own devil
Here comes the scream from a rebel
Get shoveled? Never, I'm far too clever
However, you see me standin up on my lever
So remember what I'm sayin when you're rollin, homes
(Get up...) You gots to get your own

[ VERSE 3: MC Duke ]
No disprespect to a man of a different shade
But my brain has made the grade
Paid the big price and now I'm nice
I heard all the stories but they don't suffice
Ice is the look as I read your books
And I'm thinkin of all the liberties took
You shook my world, took the girls and the pearls
Kings, queens, princes, earls
( ? )
While the people in the villages are dyin of colds
No food to eat - but a funky beat
And food for thought keeps the mind sweet
Completin my mission and my decision
Is one of unity and not division
But remember what I'm sayin when you're rollin, homes
(Get up...) You gots to get your own

[ VERSE 4: MC Duke ]
They take, you take, I make, we break
No it's not a fake and it ain't a plague
( ? )
I'm gonna ( ? ) right to the fast lane
Change your mind, then it's all in a rhyme
This bum been prime and it's the end of the line
Time to think right, get your mind on hype
Cause the fruits of knowledge are always ripe
See what you see but please don't be
Another mesmerised by a colour TV
D is the name, Leader 1 to the side
To step-kick while I rock and rhyme
Hope all the lessons that I teach are heard
If ya heard, then shout out 'Word' (Wooord)
Alright, the momentum swings
And I keep on rockin but I'll never sing
Things, words, rhymes, conversation
Contemplation, compensation
Give it back, you better leave it alone
(Get up...) You gots to get your own