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Artist: MC Duke
Album:  Organised Rhyme
Song:   Free
Typed by: Matt Jost

There is enough wealth in South Africa alone
To feed the whole of Africa
So why are black people starving?

(Free Nelson Mandela)  --> The Special AKA

(The negro in the United States of America still isn't free)  --> MLK

[ VERSE 1: MC Duke ]
How can you stand there and try to tell me it's right
That a blackman could be put under whites?
You try to tell me we live in a world democratic
When all I can see is crazy fanatics
Does it take so many to die before you see
All the people really want is equality
Many years ago South Africa
The European man took over
Now he lives in style, blacks live in shacks
I say it's time for the brothers to take it back
The diamonds and gold belong to them
Don't call 'em 'boys' cause you know they're men
See from what I'm sayin I hope you see
That one day the blackman will be free

[ VERSE 2: MC Duke ]
Malcolm X and then Martin Luther King
Both knew ( ? ) but would they bring
All the brothers together in all countries
And inspire words and rhymes like these
They were sick of sittin down and hearin the lies
Cause these brothers ain't stupid and pigs don't fly
Cool brother Malcolm X said it this way
If a man rapes your wife, what do you say?
The whole crowd spoke just like one
Load up, squeeze your trigger and shoot your gun
You see, this ain't a dream, this is reality
Ain't science fiction on TV
They can't report and won't let us see
But one day the blackman will be free

[ VERSE 3: MC Duke ]
The world sits back to max and relax
While South African whites shoot down African blacks
Thatcher tries to say she's against racism
Botha's in England - she's hangin out with him
Brothers go down into the mines
To bring to the surface the gold they find
They're only doin the job just to earn a wage
Do they earn fair money? No, it's been arranged
That they do it, they'll stay alive
No regular money, no 9 to 5
These words I'm sayin, I don't give a damn
I'm black and I'm free, I hate the Ku-Klux Klan
And if they ever put brothers back in slavery
One of them niggas'll never be me
Cause I'm free

[ VERSE 4: MC Duke ]
Now you been hopin it's a question of mind over matter
But the black man's skinny while the white gets fatter
Tell me what do you see on your TV
The living stupid confusion
Tarzan swings in the air and without a care
Kills the niggas - pure illusion
So what I'm tryina say, this ain't a game, no way
It's a whole message rap
If you believe what you see you don't need D
Your brain needs a mega-slap
You say ( ? ) civilised, take your way our rear
But now the sound of a shotgun is oh so clear
All the warriors were brave, but now they're not
Now they hide behind rocks with their triggers cocked
Now I check out the battle, the whites stand back
While on the battlefield the blacks kill blacks
It's wrong, but that's the way it is
Cause everybody minds their own business
And I tell you somethin, you listen to D
One day the blackman will be