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Artist: mc chris (Hesh)
Album:  Sealab 2021 *
Song:   Hesh Wedding Rap
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* from the "Dearly Beloved Seed" episode

Yo yo yo let me see them hands, people!
Hup, hup, hup! C'mon now, you can feel the beat

[mc chris]
Remember way back when I was smokin crack
You were workin the corner, sellin that ass
And I took that rusty pipe and gave your head that gash
Then took all your cash and spent it on smack?
I feel bad about that, not really, but yeah
That and the time I made you shave your cat
Oh and the time I said your ass looked fat
Or when I played the back nine while you were takin a nap
As a matter of fact, I've been a downright jerk
Stealin cash from your purse, but that ain't the worst
Can't believe I'm the guy who filled your eye with {sperm}
We went to the ER and I hit on the nurse
Now we're here in a church, to make it official
I love you, you bitch, you're a {motherfuckin} pistol
Your very hard nipples are worth every wolf whistle
Now say "I do," your mouth's got a date with my missle

Uh oh! Equipment failure
Hesh beat box fill
{*beat box sounds*}
{*record scratch*}
Sorry, my bad
{*record scratch*}