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Artist: mc chris (Sir Loin)
Album:  Aqua Teen Hunger Force *
Song:   4 Da Shorteez
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* originally heard on the "Super Sir Loin" episode

For the shorteez! (Doin it for the shorteez)
For the shorteez! (Doin it for the shorteez)
For the shorteez! (For the shorteez)

[mc chris]
For the shorteez - gather 'round and let me tell ya somethin
For the shorteez - can't you hear them little stomachs rumblin?
For the shorteez - yo you gonna eat that raggamuffin?
For the shorteez - let's show the shorteez some lovin
C'mon, my name is Sir Loin, been at this for a while
I got four stomachs for only one stomach and mouth
That's a little empty belly with the vacancy sign
Kinda like close encounters of the charity kind
Ya got canned goods, just collectin dust
Ya got meat, got fruit, got vegetables
Only prerequisites that can set a bowl
Get ya freak on at my freaky food festival
Cold cuts a must, I'll even take bread crust
Cause the shorteez be beggin, some beggars don't give a {fuck}
They's hungry~! Let's face facts, they starvin
Feel a void in your heart, fill ya shoppin cart
for the shorteez

For the shorteez! (For the shorteez, y'all)
For the shorteez! (For the shorteez)

[mc chris]
Think at what's at stake, look upon your plate
If it's a slab o' steak, time to regurgitate
You got a double chin? Well Little Jim's too slim
Your fingers could fit in the little kid's exposed ribs
Just think of all the shorteez, can't ya hear 'em cry?
Paula, cough up that burger and fries
Hams on my left, double cans, Bob's got high
Give to the hungry shorteez, so the shorteez won't die
Stop the famine please, instead of eatin ham and cheese
Throw away your greens, you be pissin on their dreams
Gimme all your onion rings, it's aight listen
A slice of pizza, it don't matter if a bite's missin!
Prime rib, porkchop, porterhouse, it don't stop
Stop actin like hogslop, to the shorteez it's a lot
They been hungry since birth, so hand over your desert
Open up your mouth, stick a finger down, it could be worse
Listen closely, gimme all your groceries
Cause a little baby's screamin "Man, I need a hoagie!"
"Somebody hold me, somebody console me
 Somebody boil me up a pot o' pierogis!"
Think of what we're facin', all those little faces
C'mon it's a race it's... for the shorteez (Check it out)
Doin it for the shorteez {*3X*}
(Doin it for the shorteez, y'all!) For the shorteez!

[mc chris]
Got crackers, got chips, got puddin cups
You'd be surprised what little shorteez like to munch
Could be trash, could be mold, could be excrement
Could be a bag o' old diapers, they'd call that lunch
Mayonnaise been out for a couple o' days
Milk and corpses, scabs and eggs
Sweet bread, pig heads, horse heads, too
Wanna drop it like it hot? Here's what ya do
(For the shorteez!) 6-1-2 Wharf Avenue, what?
6-1-2 Wharf Avenue, what?
(For the shorteez!) 6-1-2 Wharf Avenue, what?
6-1-2 Wharf Avenue

But please, no more candy yams, man, seriously man
We got more candy yams than we know what to do with
MC Pee Pants in the h... I mean uhh
Sir Loin's in the house, and I'm out~!!