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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Rare Trax
Song:   M and Z
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
I like fuckin, fuckin I like
I ride all these bitches like a BMX bike
I shimmy in the sheets in the heat of the night
She titty fucks my meat while I read her her rights, yo
Yo, I kiss vagina, vagina I kiss
Unless it is unpleasant, reminiscent of fish
Even then I'm all up in it till she's slippin a disc
Cause she's got my dick bigger than that thing in +Abyss+
I need money, money I need
The people took my power now it's back to magazines
Wait, we can make a movie in the nudie industry, what
We could make it classy, call it Booty and the Beast, word
I buy porn, porn I peruse
In fact I have a knack when it comes to the cooz
I know +The Secret of the Ooze+ how to +Super Shred+ in bed
It's legit and this shit like a pooper in Depends

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Zack and Miri, Miri and Zack
Their movies are the bomb like your mom on my sack
I told my buddies, my buddies told the boards
Miriam and Zachary are actually makin porn

[mc chris]
I love titties, boobies, and breasts
I like to bucko bronco while your booty protests
I'm an intercourse enthusiast, if I can confess
An addict in a panic that can't manage his stress
I need to pay my bills, my bills they are late
I need to make a dollar in the very worst way
Hey~! I was born for porn, make it simple and plain
+Two Girls, One Cup+ is my +Citizen Kane+
I need to keep it fresh, fresh I must keep
Keep the crowds cumin we all need a release
The market place is saturated with pornography peeps
Now, suck on his balls while your anus he eats
Just give me a directors chair, plastic bag, protective wear
Just pretend it's truth or dare, please remove your pubic hair
Fuck the balm, moisten cooz, it's just somethin that we do
Megaphone and funny boots, I'll tell you where the money shoots


[Outro: repeat 2X]
Zack and Miri
Their movies are the bomb