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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Rare Trax
Song:   Everywhere *
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* cut from "Dungeon Master of Ceremonies"

[mc chris]
Warm it up chris~! I was thinkin about it
Put on my oven mitts and the kitchen gets crowded
Girls they wanna taste of my latest concoction
Now let me see you put your hands up for adoption

It's like everywhere I go, everywhere I be
Everybody askin me are you mc
I like the episode where you did that thing
Would you sign a DVD for my sister please
Would you do a voicemail, I can't work my phone
Would you make out with my girl, she's on your bone
Sometimes I get bummed like I don't wanna live
then I listen to some mc chris

[mc chris]
When I walk into the club - I'm like Moses
The crowd parts all the tarts start posin
Deejay plays my jam and the floor gets packed
Girls wearin dental floss up in they ass crack
mc chris in the place in this case a disco
Can I hang my homie hoodie on your hip bone
Watch me weave through the bitties both skinny and big boned
Find a little lady let me get my dick on
Billy has ditched, shoot a lisp, made me wish, we had some kids
Yo this hotties body's got me never mind the naughty bits
Grab my shit and split, hear the cats are lockin lips
Like an apocalypse when she give my cock a kiss
He's watching me jump out cause that shit be gross
Then I hit it behind the dumpster next to Charlie O's
Shorty says she likes my style, says she likes my tune
Exactly why wasn't I on Danger Doom?


[mc chris]
Some girls they say that I am dope
They ask me who I know, unquote
Some girls they like me, I don't know
Sometimes I'm just a stepping stone
On a plane to L.A., forty thousand feet up
Girl figures it out, and the girl goes nuts
She's in the seat next to mine, so I try to make nice
You can tell she wants a bite like her head on a slice
An attractive little package she's like sign my boobs
I post on your message board but I'm just a n00b
Wear my homemade mc panties, shave your name in my pubes
I say that's a little much, but what's a guy gonna do
We head to the bathroom, it ain't occupied
We start our own little club, up in the sky
She's a pro yeah you know she do me right
That's when she ask me if I'm a Mooninite