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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Race Wars
Song:   Ninja Mom
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"The United States #1 ninja killer is called back into action"

I need you, I need you to come back and kill these ninjas
Only you can do it Blaine
  I told you, I don't kill no ninjas no mo'

"He's back, here we go again!"
"But this time, he's not alone"

There's a new ninja, a cyber ninja
He's been spotted all over town, commiting ninja crimes
  You're not allowed in here!

"It's time for a family reunion this Christmas"

... Mom, are you telling me, you're a ninja?

"Ninjas vs. The Projects 3: NINJA MOM!!!"

I was was hoping, we could have something in common
I never thought it would be, being a ninja (what the fuck?)
Don't forget your ninja sword

"It's Mother's Day, this Christmas!"
"From the makers of Ninjas vs. The Nazis comes"
"Ninjas vs. The Projects 3: NINJA MOM!!!"