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Artist: mc chris f/ John Bowie
Album:  Part Six Part Three
Song:   Kindle
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

  Hi, can I uh, can I, run alongside ya?
Sure, sure, yeah
  Here, have some Gatorade
Oh wow thanks wow that's refreshing with the blue lightning
  Yeah, it is
It's delicious
  Yeah well have a have a Power Bar
Thank you! {*munching*}
  You don't recognize me do ya?
No but your voice is kinda, familiar
  Chris it's John Bowie
John Bowie keep running keep running
  You left me in the {?} station years ago
Yes yes I remember~!
  Yeah, anyway I got hit by a train I've been sent to Hell
  But listen I have news for you
What, what is it?
  You're not in Hell because you're a bad person
I knew it! I knew it's cause I'm not a bad person, I knew it
  You were sent to Hell, because
  an evil spell was cast upon you
Spell I, yeah that's right in the treehouse
That was a zombie I remember now!
I feel like Wolverine right after "House of M"
  Ooh don't get don't say anything I haven't seen it yet
Okay okay sorry you can't see it it's a comic book
  Ohh, sweet
Keep running! Keep running!
  Whew, this is really
  I really should have stretched before this
  This is, HUH!
  Anyway, listen, take this Kindle
  It has, the Dark Arts book
  That you need, to get out of Hell
Wow, a Kindle, I wanted one of these!
You can, download newspapers can't you
  Oh don't you have one yet? Oh it's amazing
  These are great, these are great
  It's so great because otherwise you like
  carry the {?} around for weeks and it's not cool
Oh right right you have to like deal with the weight of a book
  So listen, you go to chapter 666 of the Dark Arts book
  And it will explain everything you need, to get out of Hell
666 okay I'll try to remember that
Thank you John Bowie!!!