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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Part Six Part Three
Song:   Distant Lands
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Someday soon further down the road
I'll see you get to hold you close
I cant believe I let you go
You know that I would so propose
It's like I'm off to distant lands
It's like I'm lost without your hand
I feel half here without your love
Feels like I'm on designer drugs

[mc chris]
I can picture you and I, practically visualize
I can picture privacy and night alone together time
I can only dream this dream of mine until we're reunited
We both feel a love inside - and we don't want to fight it
All the couples must be tested, and stress they must go under
I must go on tour, you must stay home and TUMBLR
But I see your face in every sky every cheesy tot at Sonic
Even though we say goodbye, even though I cry and
honestly apologies are never necessary
If there was a muddy place your body I would carry
I'd protect your feet from glass, like my name was Lloyd
You know you can say anything check the wedding ring I'm your boy
Be building a million castles, be launchin a bunch of ships
Be dealin with a bunch of assholes that be hatin on mc chris but
Haters get put in the dustpan and lovers get put in the clouds
And girl you're gonna get my lovin cause of you I am so proud


[mc chris]
Separation messin with her mind, these are trying times
Smilin when expected when inside I'm cryin why
It's like ancient times the caveman kind a court just can't acquit it
We can't wait to be together and we're hyperventilatin
Every minute we're apart, we made up in the future
Every tear we that we cry is laughter in the Louvre
The things we'll do to make up for the fates and how they test us
The sketties we'll take home on the back of our rented Vespas
I see so many travels, so many carnivals in common
We be gobblin on gourmet meals or maybe rainy days with ramen
I, see your yard with swings and the pleasures that they bring
I, see your porch with screens so the bugs can never sting
Lookin cute, Curly Sue, on the couch with corn for two
We can fall asleep all pretzeled safely nestled me and you
Even though we're far apart and our love seems just a vision
Soon we'll be together layin kissin intermission