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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Part Six Part One
Song:   Rocky's Robot Butler
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It's not like a gloom and doom kind of a place
You can have a good time down here
  Well, that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about
  I want you to be part of something - it's a game show
A game show?
  It's called GTFO
GTFO sounds cool!
  Why does it sound cool?
JUST CAUSE IT'S LETTERS~! Letters, you can do that with anything
  Okay, that's true
  Yeah, it's a game show, I want you to be a contestant
  I'm the host (right?) and if you win, if you survive
What'll I get?
  Through all the different portions of Hell
  You will get (I'm excited) what you want
What I want? (What's your wish, to get?) My wish?
Anything I can think of? God
  Any +ONE+ thing you can think of, don't go crazy
I've always wanted a robot like Rocky had
  A robot like Rocky had?
But I, I feel like this isn't the right time for that
But he was like a robot butler, he'd bring you
your dinner and like your milk if your dad's away
And you're like "Dad doesn't me love me"
and the robot would be like "Don't be sad!"
  Which Rocky? What Rocky are you talking about?
It's like Rocky II, when he got rich
  You know I never have seen one of the Rocky movies
You haven't seen the Rocky movies? (No)
They came out with the new one that had a lot of, Christian imagery
  There's a robot in Rocky II?
There's a robot in Rocky II! He doesn't fight Rocky or nothin
He's not like who he meets in the ring at the end of movie
He's like a buddy, he's like a friend
  Alright, alright you want that robot you got it
Well no, I don't want that robot! I want to get out of here
  Uhh, you wanna get out of Hell?
I wanna get out of Hell
  Alright, fine~!
You mean I don't get the robot then? I could have had the robot?
You could've
  You could've had the robot in Hell
  Now I should remind you, if you get out of Hell
  you may just be a ghost, haunting Earth
Really? (Or maybe not, it's a gamble)
Okay, it's a gamble
That sounds like a jerk move on your part but, you are
  I'll tell you this much, if it turns out that you are a ghost
  you can have the robot also
Pfft well that's no fun, a ghost and a robot
What kind of adventures can they go on?
Pfft... and he... I guess you're right
  But you won't be able to physically interact with the robot
Ohh! (And it won't acknowledge you)
So when we want to do a fist bump... we can't
  You'll do it but the robot won't know about it (oh)
  It'll just be a visual thing for you
  So is this prize, have we worked out the prize?
Yeah, the ghost robot!
  I'm writing it down, I'm sliding it over to you
Okay let me just
  Handing you this pen
I gotta dip in this, well of, bloody looking ink - is this blood?
  Blood ink, is it blood? No it's ink!
Human, human blood; okay, red ink?
  Human blood~?! (Yeah) Yeah red ink you ever heard of it?
  Yeah uh, there's such a thing as red ink
  Why would I have blood, on my desk?
Cause this is the underworld and you guys do spooky stuff down here!!
  There's no blood! It's all souls! (Okay)
  There's no physical blood (alright I'm sorry)
  What's the matter with you? (I don't know!)
  Blood on the desk {*scoffing*}
I guess I made a, I, jumped to con-conclusion
  That's really grizzly
I'm sorry!
  Just got a fuckin, ink blotter of blood on the desk
Yeah, but this has been a real pleasure and I appreciate your time
I guess these two demon hounds are gonna escort me outta here
  Oh, yes, they're gonna escort you out
  They're gonna get you into makeup
Okay, here they go, leading me out~!
  Oh wait can you hand me that?
Hand you THIS?! (Yeah) Certainly
  Thank you, okay, goodbye!
So long my good sir!!
  And can you unstop the door so it closes behind you?
I certainly can!!
  Okay thank you
Thank you!
  Okay byyye!
Alright then!
  Oh Chris?
  Can I have my pen back?
Oooh hoo hoo you saw that!
Okay here you go
  Thank you!
You're welcome!
Lovely office
  Thank you!!
Not - I like it
  You guess what this paint is?
What is it?
  It's blood
It's blood, okay well that just
  Blood paint
That doesn't really follow
That doesn't really go with what you said before
  What did I say before?
You said that blood in Hell is just didn't make any sense
  No it makes sense