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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Part Six Part One
Song:   Gauges
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Always lip smackin, that's how we actin
Always ass grabbin, she's so attractive
Always never happens unless it's intermittent
When we are together I kinda go ballistic
Always hand holdin that's how we rollin
Always apart, so our heart parts are swollen
Always on my mind it's like we share the same soul
And when we aren't together I kinda lose control YEAH!

[mc chris]
I like that she got strangeness, how can we arrange this?
A moment of your time because my mind needs maintenance
Little bit of patience, must be persistent
Think that I like her now I want her this instant
Can it be love yo, always been against it
Unrequited was a wreck then I set my sights on this kid
Mystic, hip chick, life had went and fixed it
Kismet, lips wet, think I am addicted
Like I had a life and somebody went and pimped it
Give my digits a minute so never insist it
And then when I kissed it, it tasted like lightning
Chewin BubbleYum now we cuddle bums for lifey
In time we might be, now we're separate places
An Audi's hell B, my pelvis is anxious
She is the bomb dig, she's so outrageous
I love my girl cause my girl got gauges


[mc chris]
Flew her to Virginia, flew her to Manhattan
Flew into my life now I'm psyched to start rappin
Somebody threw their cap in, I thought I was too lame
But yo she brings the heat like the tiniest blue flame
Now I know a new name, I got a new boo
Like we in Bowser's Castle life's a raffle I don't lose
Though I got the answer like the endin of Blue's Clues
My plan is to romance her 'til her very last tooth's loose
I am just not used to the way that my heart beats
Now she in my life like a kid in a car seat
I drive a little slower cause I know her in real life
Black girl jeans with the booty that's too tight
Now that I have hindsight I'm happy for heartbreak
I don't mind that the main event starts late
At least it started I was ready for dark days
Don't mind that we're apart as long as we don't part ways


[mc chris]
Yo girl, this is mc chris, I'm sorry it didn't work out
I really wanted it to, but you're just too far away, and at the end of the day
I can't handle that long distance relationship no more
I come home from tour every time
and I got some girl I can spend time with on the phone
on Google chats on America Online Instant Messenger
But it's not the same as just holdin somebody in real life
Y'know you can smell their bad-ass breath
And you know when they fart, I wanna know when you fart girl
but I don't and that's why I gotta say goodbye
Cause you could be fartin, and I wouldn't even know
F'real, let the choir sing