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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Part Six Part One
Song:   Deep Space Travel
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*loud intercom beep*}
Uhh, Mr. Killian, Mr. Ward is here to see you

{*sound like a lift crashing to the ground and opening*}

HEYYYY! Mister, like you can't be Mr. Chandler
I mean this is a, we're in Hell, this is the underworld and
  I've gone by a lot of names
Oh, I see, so you're on Arth occasionally in different forms
  Arth? (Earth) Talking about Earth?
Earth yeah
  Oh okay
But this is in the center of Earth so I guess you're always
  I like to just, define the terms when I'm speaking with someone
You're always in Earth or
  Well this isn't actually the physical center of Earth
IT'S NOT?!! Because they've been sayin that
They've been sayin that
  Have they?
  I think they've been saying it's a different plane of existance
Really? Is everyone in agreement on that? Cause I didn't know
I haven't been to church, so I don't know what everyone
  It's not just in church, it's in all kind of forms
  of popular media that portray, Hell, it's not
  It's not in the same physical realm (I see) as Earth
  We're the Hell for, the whole universe (I see)
  So anyone who's bad in the whole universe
So aliens are here (comes here) there's bad aliens
  But here they're just y'know, they're just souls
  Everybody's just souls (ohh okay)
  But aliens all look like humans anyway
Ah really?
  Everybody's humans, there's no, every
  All the animals that are on Earth
  are what the animals look like on on every planet
Oh, well that's very simplistic... convenient~!
  It's just, yeah it's just kinda how it all works out
  A lot of people are gonna be disappointed
  when they perfect uh, deep space travel and find that out
You're right, a lot of people ARE gonna be disappointed
  I am right... why do you think you're here?
  Why do you think you're in Hell?
Well I assume how I acted up ahh y'know on
On the surface of Earth y'know and uhh
It wasn't I didn't make the best decisions let's just say that
  You didn't act so good up on Earth
I wasn't a good person, maybe I had
put some stupid skits on my records maybe I was a
a bad drunk, maybe I didn't treat people as well as I could've y'know
  You didn't make the best decisions
You're right, I didn't, and now I probably have to answer for that
  You were on MySpace like a jackrabbit
  but you didn't make the Facebook switch so easily
I was on MySpace, much like a jackrabbit
  How many Facebook friends do you have?
I, currently have about seven thousand Facebook
  Seven thousand - how many did you have on MySpace?
I have about ninety thousand MySpace friends
  What's up with that? (Why?) Why the falloff?
Well I think MySpace is a dead site
  Yeah but you got so many more friends on MySpace
I don't know what it is either, it's cause of Flash
I can't get the Flash, and everyone's poking me
Everyone's asking me if I want to be a pirate or
  You gotta ignore that shit!
I CAN'T!! I have to click on all of it
  You can't accept every God damn plant or
But they all want to hang out with me
  Star Wars figurine
I, I can't help it~! (Ignore it) People give me little gifts
A guy gave me a little Wally the other day, I...
  I accept those things and then I don't know, I never know
  how to install the application I just don't understand it
I feel like I really receive a gift, AND a poke
  Well your soul's very bad, it's very corrupt
Really? (Yeah) That's surprising to me
Cause I was a really good person up there
  You were a good person, it mostly has to do
  with the quality of, your, music, your artistic output
It, so, it was so bad it's considered a sin down here
  Your rap-ping is not great
It's not good to you
  It's not just me~!