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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Part Six Part One
Song:   Awesome Fucker
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Name is mc, hey ladies, please gather 'round my balls
One at a time, get in line, this is a cattle call
I will inspect, via sex, if you've got what it takes
Time to disrobe, all your clothes, and give my tube a taste
I hit the bush, and the tush, she's screaming nine-eleven
I make her gush in the puss, she's leaking like a levy
I got her legs, in the air, like they're TV antennae
I'll fill her box, with my cock, make make her cable ready

Fail to foresee, that mc, was such an awesome fucker
All the ladies, beggin please, I say, "Hey take a number!"
Let my dick rest, it is raw, now is the time for slumber
When I awake, I will take, control and bring the thunder

[mc chris]
I'm like a boy, in the barn, I'll fuck you by the horses
I'm like the guy, on the side, that makes girls get divorces
I'm like the coach, that you poke while you're at tennis practice
I like my balls, in your throat, this is a dirty racket
I like to fuck, in my trunks, yes I prefer jacuzzi
I hear her wail, feel her nails, then I impale her cootie
We make a mess, for the guest, and fuck up the filter
I guess I get, her head wet, but that's how Jesus built her

[Chorus] - repeat 2X