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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Part Six Part One
Song:   006
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

You'll never get out of here alive mc it's a flying fortress
and no one's ever... jumped over the side and survived
It's never happened I've never seen it happen before
So just hand over the cash and hand over the girl

[mc chris]
Forget about it Chang - we're getting out of here
and there's nothing you can do about it
I've got a parachute embedded in the back of my tuxedo
so now I'm gonna jump over boaaaaaard and land in a car

Suitcase full of cash so you know I got the candy chrome
Automatic in the dash, hand in her pantyhose
I got a fatty rolled, we're doing 65
She opens up her mouth, and puts my dick inside
I keep them mystified, all these bitches creaming
Our windows gettin steamy, and she's so on my semen
Even when I'm sleeping, even when I'm dreaming
It's like Ghostbusters gettin blown by ghosts and demons
Can't believe it that deceiving I know I am the shit
If I ain't emptying my dick, then I empty my clip
So don't even try to trip cause I come strapped like raver pants
Got an AK-47 and you're lit for laser tag
I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast
My ride becomes a boat and we start cruising down the coast
That's not only how I roll its also how I flow
Bust a cap at the clouds blow a load in your throat

That's right I've got a car that transforms into a boat
Nobody's got that!!

Try to catch me while I pass you
You can't see my badass tattoo
I'm too fast and too elusive
Helicopters are a nuisance
Deadly jet skis try to get me
Enemies are always meddling
Somebody tell these bitches that you can't catch mc chris
I am awesome I am bitching
I'm avoiding ammunition
Push the button just in time
For our smokescreen flow they minds
Sweet bikini watch me slaughter
While I load this rocket launcher
Hope you don't have a wife and kids cause you're about to be blown to bits

[mc chris]
Underwater mansion where you know I grow the hydroponic
Call it a Sealab, let me teabag you til you vomit
Now you go wash your face, and then go take a shower
Wash your vagina place, it's tastin kinda sour
I had brief the chief say "I'm awesome, want a raise"
If he says "no," guess what, I'm gonna keep the case
You should have seen his face said "I'll give you what you need"
I said "Hey yeah you will, cause my name is mc"
She in the walk-in yo, hey it's got multi spigots
I get her titties soapy I grab her by the biscuits
And yo I fuck her gently, I clean her dirty business
She's screaming Jesus help me and can I have a witness
We go to Mexico, on my motocross
We tell her bro hello, but he's a mini-boss
But you know how I floss, when it comes to steppin...
I don't just kick his ass, I blow up his zeppelin

That's right I blew up HIS zeppelin too
Ohhhh the humanity!!