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Artist: mc chris and The Lee Majors
Album:  The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition
Song:   Party Going On
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We ain't gonna stand for no weirdness out here

[mc chris]
London England are you ready?
It's time for the unbelievable
The unfathomable
The loquacious mc chriiiiiiis!!!!!!~!
(Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh)

[mc chris]
Y'all ready for a little rhyme, a little rhyme?
A little lovin and a squeeze oh yo please
Hold onto your hats, know what I mean?
Hold onto your hats I mean hold onto your hats
Cause here I am tonight hopin my ass ain't tight
I got the hands movin right to left (left to right)
In spite of the fact that I'm the punk who pulled your ponytail
Talkin trash you know they call me a Garbage Pail Kid
Cause I did the things you wanted
My name is mc chris you thought you could but you couldn't
You think you're fly in your Pinto in your yard doin doughnuts
Everyone thinks you're bogus while you thinkin you're bonus
It's like we like each other but it's War of the The Roses
mc bucks on the bass on the keys mc roses
mc chris on fire time to turn on the hoses

His name is mc chris and he's got a fat purse
Got a mansion and a butler but his name's not Lurch
(You rang?) Like a supersoaker I've been known to squirt

[mc chris]
Get on your knees sugar cause your ass is in church
And I'm on the pulpit cause I'm a crazy culprit
Like the bag at the bottom of the bottle
You can close your eyes and gulp it
Hope it don't sting and I hope it don't burn
Name is mc chris and it's about time you learned
That my rhymes are the kind, that make you close your blinds
Cause your booty start shakin, and there ain't no mistakin
Only misbehavin, because you been waitin
Anticipatin, and also salivatin
I'll be Scott Valentine and you be Justine Bateman
Don't worry about The Riddler cause they're videotapin
Instead of date rapin, moves is for the makin
Name is mc chris now please perform like turkey bacon
Word up!!

[repeat 12X to fade]
Somebody got a, party goin on!