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Artist: mc chris and The Lee Majors
Album:  The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition
Song:   mc chris #1 With the Ladies
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[mc chris]
This one's for the ladies, the crazy honey babies
The cuties with the booties that drive all the homeboys crazy
At the mall, Arby's sauce on my lapel
I'm chilling at the perfume counter so I can smell
their intoxicating breezes, bring on wheezes and sneezes
Have me over for dinner and introduce me to your nieces
I fall to pieces cause I fall in love five times a day
My name is mc chris, I bag for you like a Frito-Lay

[Chorus 2X: mc chris]
mc chris number one with the ladies
Got you foamin at the mouth just like you got rabies

[mc chris]
Amazing, the act of mating, or masturbating
If you're not dating, I'm waiting for you to call
Name is mc chris and just like Lauren Bacall
Put your lips like so and blow; cause I'm right down the hall
Cause I'm like Popeye to Olive Oyl
You know the old saying a watched pot ain't gonna boil
Cause I spoil my ladies, cause I love them so much
Every morning at one we have a champagne brunch, word up~!


[mc chris]
I'll take you back home, and feed you some soup
Rub your feet real nice that's the straight up poop
And don't make me pay a price you'll get a leg and a boot
mc chris gets girls with charm, not the Armani suit...

Above and beyond, the call of dookie
Name is mc chris in the back row at the movies
or any place that's dark, but of course not Central Park
Cause a lover not a mugger's what I want so let's embark
On a dirt bike made for two holdin hands like retards at the zoo
A foot long frankfurter on me and now you spew
Cause you found a fingernail and your face turned blue
Doctor Feelgood's on duty, there's no need to boo-hoo


[mc chris - over Chorus at first]
Word up baby, mc chris in the house
I got the styles that make you smile
Oh yeah! You know I'm like that
Cause I'm crazy-ass fat

mc chris, he's so fly...
I heard that he's loving all the ladies
But he said he loves only me