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Artist: mc chris and The Lee Majors f/ Wesley Willis
Album:  The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition
Song:   Don't Give a Turd
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Wesley Willis]
Alright I'm a do it well
Clear the damn 20th song out
Now I'm a just test this out
My ha-uh ay-yahh heh heh ha
My ya ya I'ma just down this to 170
and do it well with the hee-lee-lee
Alright keep it on the hu-li-loo

[mc chris]
I came to New York City in the winter of 1995
and the city hasn't been the same since
I like to sing about many things
On your marks, get set, go!
And I am also, the number one... rapper
I'm a super rapper~!

Desserted on an island, steal my rhymes and styling
Cause your phone numbers I'm dialing
I got you on the list, like chewin TV dinner
Every time I see you bite I say I wish you were thinner
No beginner, professional sinner
At the Indy 500 I'm a first place winner
NY NY, been very very good to me
Watch Wesley Willis say I'm the epitome
Verbal ecstasy, girls get next to me
Next spot vasectomy want many baby mc's
Don't test me, eats like Elvis Pressly
and my favorite kinda dog is a Wesley

I don't give a turd {*6X*}
I said don't give a turd cause I don't give a turd!!
(Hey mc chris, what don't you give?)
I said I don't give a turd (Ohhhh, I get it)

[mc chris]
MC Bucks is on the bones cause the beat won't stop
mc chris on the zone he's the cream of the crop
I like the book Capone on my own I hop
Don't need no color, do my own doo-wop
I can flop in the puddle at the bottom of the telephone
Rap a little do the spits got pop my soul
Clip clip bull shit and a gopher hole
Cherry flip Fresh Prince and a napkin cold
Just a bunch of words here's where a turd
Cuts you off in traffic, and flip the bird
Spins the bird, pride like curb
Name is mc chris and yo I don't give a turd

I don't give a turd {*6X*}
I say give a turd, I don't give a turd

[mc chris]
I don't, give, a turd
To all the people in the West I don't give a, turd
To all the people in the East say I don't give a, turd
Can't we all get along East coast, West coast rappers?
Yeah I don't give a turd
I don't give a turd {*12X*}

(I don't give a turd x11)

Don't give a turd, don't give a turd
And you can give me a turd you want me to drive back and put it in your hand
A turd, a turd do you hear what I'm sayin?
(What? What?) T-U-R-D

[Wesley Willis]
It was a three hour hell ride
At eight o'clock PM, me and my vans
got pulled up by the underground
My rock show was messed up
My rock show was messed up
My rock show was messed up... {*fades*}