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Artist: mc chris and The Lee Majors
Album:  The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition
Song:   DQ Blizzard *
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* "Life's a Bitch, I'm Her Pimp" has different lyrics

[mc chris]
Name is mc, I'm like no other
A short-sized, high pitched white skinned brother
When I say white, I don't mean pink
Cause my skin's about as white as white out ink
When I step into the sun, I burst into flames
Like the Human Torch but with no lives to save
Don't go to clubs and I don't go to raves
And I don't go to pubs and I don't go to parades
So, where do I go? You might call it, a hooch parlor
If you don't know the password don't bother
It's where all the ladies leave their lipstick on my collar
But I tell them to be gone, cause all they on is my dollar
Mahler use to write symphonies
Name is mc and I claim to be
Star material like astrology
Punk rock, hip-hop, and R&B
Watch me blend it all up like a daiquiri
It's why all the honey's be mackin me
Waitin in the alley, sneak attackin me
Tearin off my clothes, ass smackin me
Back when we, didn't have a record deal
We still managed to make the ladies squeal
Word (yeah) and you know (you know)

My name's mc, my band's The Lee Majors
Put us on the bill, and boy you hit pay dirt
When I'm on the mic, the girlies wanna flizzirt
But I tell 'em chill like a DQ Blizzard

[mc chris]
(Yeah) Like a DQ Blizzard, and you know
It's all about lockin, and poppin, and crazy rhyme droppin
When I'm on the microphone there is no stoppin
Like I'm hoppin through the fog Snoop Doggy Dogg an'
Always a smart ass you could call it back talkin
You can tell I'm just like Johnny Rotten
Name is mc yo that's just the chalk in
Cause I can say my name more times than
Edie Brickell sang "What I am, is what I am"
I rock the jams
With nothin up our sleeves but a battering ram
I'm in a Volkswagen van with Adam and Dan
Swear we all kick like Jean-Claude Van Damme
I'm just like like Bam-Bam and I can pick up a girl
With just one hand and I'll rock her world
And you know


Like a DQ Blizzard
1-2-3-4 break it down
mc chris, mc chris, mc chris
(But I tell 'em chill like a DQ Blizzard)


DQ Blizzard D-DQ Blizzard {*3X*}
Hey DQ Blizzard D-DQ Blizzard
Yeah DQ Blizzard D-DQ Blizzard {*2X*}
Yeah DQ Blizzard D-DQ Blizzard (DQ Blizzard word)
DQ Blizzard (DQ Blizzard)
DQ Blizzard DQ Blizzard
Yeah DQ Blizzard (DQ DQ Blizzard)
DQ Blizzard yeah (DQ Blizzard)
(DQ Blizzard) yeah DQ Blizzard yeah
Alright I'll do it... I... you know
I'll admit I'll do it with an Ewok no problem
Mulan 1-2-3 say
Mulan with szechuan sauce {*3X*}