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Artist: mc chris and The Lee Majors
Album:  The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition
Song:   Down on the Farm
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
It's mc chris, keep your head low
Stay in your car, you better go home
Cause there's nothin but stars in the corn below
Gettin down on the farm not on the down low
With a shovel and hoe - you sold the land
with a burger and fries from the hot dog stand
Just the sun and a doobie and a farmer's tan
Just an empty old barn and a bored rock band
Chillin at the seminole, fucked up on tobacco
Kids dive in, with Tom to go back home
Life's a vacuum but here - it's wide open
While your busy mopin, I'm in the dark gropin
Down on the farm, motorcycles not mopeds
Dead old ladys, not dreadlocked deadheads
Carburetor on the front lawn a lemonade on the porch
Luke was a farm boy before he used the force
Word up~!!

[mc chris]
You don't know who you are with your dope beats and your fat Porsches
Name is mc chris I prefer back porches
Don't try to file a case cause you got no sources
The law's on my side cause the law I enforces
And your stupid styles, they're just dumb
Tougher than leather? You're not tougher than my gun
Cause we hold our own, out in the Midwest
We don't need Dylan Law, with him we're not impressed
Don't wanna run away like Wendy and Peter Pan
Call it the Bible Belt, I call it Neverland
Sippin down chili dogs outside a Tastee Freeze
Diane sittin on Jacky's lap hands between his knees
Down on the farm, super clean with the gun
Don't cause no harm, just wanna have fun
Drink Pabst, race cars, maybe tip a cow
Down on the farm, I'm down with a hoedown

Oh mc chris you're so nice
Only twenty-five dollars
You say cowboy I say cow
If the shit goes down
If the shit goes down (better be ready) {*3X*}

[mc chris]
If the shit goes down, I got my six shooter
Get your ass out of town on my boosted Roto Rooter
More like Norman Bates or like Uncle Jesse or Cooter
Name is mc chris, I don't miss, now pass the buddha
Shootout at sundown, Daisy Duke at my side
Honey says, you don't get shot I'm sure to be your bride
I replied "Hell yeah" as the gun did decide
Sink into the soil as Black Bart grabbed his heart, and, died

There's no way you'll survive {*laughing*}