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Artist: mc chris and The Lee Majors
Album:  The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition
Song:   Body Rock
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

It's a hit!

mc chris is in the house (say what, say what?)
mc chris is in the house (say what?)
mc chris is in the house (say what?)
mc chris is in the house

[mc chris]
C'mon everybody grab a body like it's putty
Name is mc chris and yo I ain't no fuddy duddy
When it comes to funk, I'm just a fuckin sperm
Like Redd Foxx to duck, like mc to herb
I can get down, like an elevator with its cable cut
I'll fuck you up like Dynomutt word up
I like Huckleberry Hound I get my ass outta town
Like Clint outta Dodge, when the shit goes down
Like mc to Chaucer when the prices go up
Like the gutter I go there when I'm about to throw up
Hold up, cut it, stop wait a minute
The subject of my rap - is none of yo business!
It's about the body rock the sure shot the hip-hop
The party in the basement with the pimple nosed disc jock
The dips, the chips, the chains, the whips
Name is mc chris, the body rock bullshit

[repeat 3X]
It's time to rock your body
There's a party in the house

[Chorus: mc chris]
Party's in the house cause I'm too loud for outside
Make your bouce while your doing nitrouis oxide
Make out with your lady 'neath the moon on a hayride
I say party's in the house and it's jam packed tight
Make your body bounce while you sip Bud Light
Make out with your lady if she says alright

[mc chris]
Aight? ... Distribution of the mc revolution
The latest evolution of the fusion
Refusin malt liquor and scratch'n'sniff stickers
We're all finger lickers and we're satisfied like Snickers
Name is mc chris and I've been known to pop rocks
I could get high even while I'm in detox
Your Reebok's are dated, your birthday's belated
Your Guess jeans are faded and your ass is constipated
Elevatin's what you are when you hear my groove
Syncopated to the beat on your feet while you move
Don't lose just win - I won't accept a draw
Name is mc chris I'll eat you up like Jabberjaw

[repeat 3X]
It's time to rock your body
There's a party in the house


[mc chris]
Without a flaw, I go down South like Hee-Haw
Got your head bobbin like an old seesaw
Don't worry about a cover cause you're on the list
Name is mc chris the body rock bullshit
So do the march like General Sherman
Do the strut like Uma Thurman
Do the Jerk like Pee Wee Herman