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Artist: mc chris and The Lee Majors
Album:  The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition
Song:   Alphabeta Max
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What are you talkin about?
I love my music
You don't love nuttin but yourself fool
C'mon, if you're gonna be a superstar
you might as well be a superstar to yourself
So I says to the bitch
I ain't gonna do my motherfuckin ABC's
Go ahead make me stay after class

Alphabeta (alphabeta max) {*4X*}

[mc chris]
A is for the apple pie, we all want a slice
And B's for Toni Braxton cause she sings real nice
And C's for charisma, to me it comes easy
And D is for the dragnet that tries to seize me
E's for The Electric Company, on the TV
or Elle McPherson on the beach in her bikini
F's for the fact I'm the fave of the females
G is for geeks getting busy on the e-mail
H is for hashish, there's no need to elaborate
I's for the idiots that imitate
And J's for the J that y'all pass my way
And K's for the kangaroo that says g'day
L's for the lyrics, you know I got plenty
M is for the mini-mall right across from the Denny's


[mc chris]
N's for the nerd, known as the chancellor's daughter
O's for the octopus swimming underwater
And P's for perfection, and Q's for the cuties
And R's for the rapper that's shakin all your booties
And S is for sugar, cause girl you got a lot
And T is for your teeth you better hope they don't rot
And U's for umbrella, just in case it rains
And V's for Valentine's because it drives me insane
W's for Tom Cruise, cause the boy's just whack
X is for the Files, there's no case they can't crack
Y's for why not cause you know there's no answer
And Z's for the zen power that makes me a better dancer


W-X and Y and Z
W-X and T-Y-Z
L-M-N, Q-R-P
L-M-N-P, T-O-E
1-2-3-4-5, 6-7-8-9-10