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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Marshmellow Playground
Song:   Mac and Cheese and Cut Up Hot Dogs
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[mc chris]
I say thanks, thanks and please
When I want mac, mac and cheese
I wash my hands, hands and feet
When I want mac, mac and cheese
Cheddar's better, grated's great
Doesn't matter, put it on my plate
Hooey golden orange and awesome
Like it so much, I don't eat it too often
Noodles soften, toss in butter
Mom cooks with love, that's why I love her
In a frying pan, she fries a frankfurter
Don't crowd around, not allowed near the burner
She adds the cheese, cubed and fresh
No powder packets, real cheese is the best
Yum calcium for strong teeth and bones
Need a catchy chorus kid well hear you go! What?

Want some mac and cheese with some milk mom
I want some mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs
Done my homework and my chores, I'm all done
I want some mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs

[mc chris]
In Monticello there was a fellow
who loved cheese and the mac
Name was Jefferson, please don't mess with him
You might hear the whip crack
Wrote a Declaration, without reservation
statin haters step back
Let us do as we please, let us eat mac and cheese
it's our favorite snack
Was a little person no one would converse with
all day long they would jest
When he would get lonely, he'd eat macaroni
his mom made it the best
Top it off with bacon, please do not be hatin
on my momma's bread crumb crust
Call me Yankee Doodle, I love noodles
mainly mac and cheese no fees no fuss - what?


Do the bacon dance!
No mistaken, no fakin, just shake and
do the bacon dance
Put your hands in the air, look around
Do the bacon dance
C'mon everybody c'mon~! And
do the bacon dance, do the bacon dance
Do the bacon daaaaaaance