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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Marshmellow Playground
Song:   Best Day Ever
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[Intro One]
Time to rise; time to open your eyes
This is the time, to live your life

[Intro Two]
No nightmares, no tantrums
Just my E.T. pajamas
The greeting's bird's tweeting
I'm feeling better now
No fretting, no sweating
Just Wal*Mart Bat-man bedding
My tummy, is rumbly
I think I'll score some chow

[mc chris]
Bed head is the trend that I like to sport
Brother's still asleep I can hear him snore
Sun's on time and it starts to shine
Everybody is asleep and the house is mine
Tiptoe to the toilet if I gots to tink
Bring Potter to the potty if I'm makin a stink
Stealth down the stairs see that nobody's there
Just the, breakadawn and a table and chairs
One percent, two percent, skim milk, whole
Doesn't matter to my bladder just put it in the bowl
Too many options it's a problem for chris
Mix Trix with Cookie Crisp cause I'm a scientist
My mind's on the prize at the bottom of the box
Fetch me the funnies I like Fox Trot a lot
Bloom County, Far Side, Charlie Brown if I'm down
sleeping bag on the sofa, watchin Bozo the Clown
I'm watching Gummy Bears and the Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck cause I love me some danger
Transformers, G.I. Joe, cause I love me some lasers
Wash my dishes won't leave it for later - what?

I love my life, I love my family
I love my house, and I love my mom and dad
And I think that this could be
the best day ever had

[mc chris]
Before the fam comes to, I mad zoom to the bathroom
Wash my hands in the sink because hand germs are bad news
Break out the floss, wrap it 'round fingers
Get between my teeth because that's where sweets linger
Paste on the brush then I go back and forth
Up and down all around no tooth's unimport
Get the back and the gums and your tongue then you're done
Spit in the sink then you rinse then you run
Jump out the jammy into underwear and socks
Brothers wakin up hear him cursin out the clock
Jeans shirt and a hoodie if it's chilly on the rilly
Double tie my sneakers so I ain't trippin lookin silly
Put my clothes in the hamper then I'm makin my bed
I don't leave it for my mother, cause I love her to death
Bro growns like a grump says you're already up
Life is livin, not for sleepin and such - what?

[mc chris]
Ran outside cause I found that it's fun
Hide and go seek, climbed a tree and I won
Summertime, Slip'n'Slide, sidewalk art
Autumn is awesome, ghosts in the graveyard
Winter can bitter but there's presents in the middle
Spring is the thing, that get the cricket to fiddle
And even though I'm little I know I'm livin large
Wanna be a kid forever it's the very best part

[Intro One] - repeat 2X