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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Knowing Is Half the Hassle
Song:   Glory Hole (Skit)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
History, history, I love history
(AHH~!) Whoa!!
(You're here, in the boys bathroom, good)
(You're actually a little bit early)
Sorry, I'm.. (let me pick up a little bit)
very punctual, sorry
Oh no, you're forcing me into the stall! (That's correct!)
Oh no, you're sticking my head into the toilet water!
(That's precisely what I'm doing! HAHAHAHA)
And now you're flushing, oh God, it's so embarrassing
(And now let me tell you what I'm gonna do) No
(I'm gonna smash your head into the side of the stall)
Oh you wouldn't (until it goes all the way through the stall)
All the way though? (Creating a glory hole)
A glory hole? (Then you're gonna go around to the other side)
(and I'm going to stick my cock anonymously through the glory hole)
Oh, oh no! (And if it doesn't get sucked)
(I don't know what I'm gonna do)