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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Rollercoaster
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Meet a cutie at the movie, go to couples skate stag
Meet me at the carousel up at Six Flags
I could buy you cotton candy, win you tickets and tazmanians
Cause ever since I saw you you've been all up in my cranium
Don't be scared, I'm prepared, got a seasons pass
I've gotten straight A's up in roller coaster class
And the Eagle and the Demon even Cajun Cliffhanger
Iron Wolf, Shockwave that got raves from headbangers
We'll ride the Roaring Rapids a/k/a we'll water rampage
Ride the Tidal Wave until we're overcome with back aches
Story I'm Victorian, like the Imax but bigger
Tiptoe to the back row and show you I'm a good kisser
Take an old timey picture with a sepia tone
Your butt's so cute that I can't leave it alone
Her mom picked us up at seven because eight is too late
I'll see you next summer, I'll be missin your face

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You get a golden ticket cause I think that you're great
It feels like I am flying, I could ride you all day
Loves a roller coaster with a really long wait
(Loves a roller coaster with a really long wait)

[mc chris]
Now I tour the nation, on occasion have the day off
Say rock and roll is coke and groupies and you would be way off
The big payoff is the comic shop I'm seekin out the Skrulls
but I'm at the coaster park cause hotel art is kinda dull
Done the gardens and the islands, been to Disney East and West
My bio's got Ohio and I'm sayin Beast's the best
Well only in the evening and auto flyin through the trees
In a hoodie in the dark amusement parks are part of me
Intimate a G out at Rollerworld in Switzerland
Rollercoaster startin to swirl I close my eyes and picture them
Notice how they own it crazy powers like the nitro
We're like "We've done this ride before, it kinda drove us psycho"
Did the Mega, did the Giga, did the Strata in New Jersey
I rode The Force at Cedar Point and said I am not worthy
Rode the front cart with my brodie or sometimes I rode alone
As we ascend I think back when and feel a little overgrown
Got a cutie rode the Cyclone at the Coney 'fore they killed it
Can't wait to ride the coasters it'll happen if you will it
Favorite ride's The Zipper, I wanna get her in the cage
The ride will stop right at the top and not come down for days

[Chorus] - 1.5X