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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Reese
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
You can have a Skittle, a Mento or a SweeTart
It ain't no riddle, you don't need an ID card
It's not illegal, it might give you some cavities
It's kinda little, I'll take a handful if you please
Yo everyone loves 'em, from animatronics from outer space
Can't get enough of them, I'll empty a bag right into my face
You get 'em at movies, get them in a combo meal to save
Doesn't represent a rainbow, might melt in your hand if you dare to wait
It comes in a cup, or chocolate bar varieties
Comes in three colors, the three you see in Autumn leaves
They're kinda spooky, synonymous with Halloween
They are the dookie - you'll find a sack inside the freeze

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Reese's Pieces at the movies, Reese's Pieces slumber party
We'll eat Reese's in the treehouse, we'll eat Reese's on safari
Candy coated and you know it, peanut butter, it's no wonder
Reese's pieces got me wheezin, free me from the spell I'm under

[mc chris]
Reese's pieces! World's Fair, Chicago in the year of 1893
A man named Milton, a disaster outta Lancaster, P
Inspired by the Germans, and their chocolate making machinery
He invented milk chocolate, or stole it from the Swiss that's history
So Milton built a factory, and a town and a park and a school for orphans
Made bars and kisses and chips real cheap so poor peeps could afford them
What a great depression - 1920 not funny, no money in the pocket
'cept Pennsylvania where Milton kept on cranking out chocolate
The Mr. Goodbar and then a World War and Milton did his part
Made anti-aircraft guns and sent the soldiers chocolate bars
Meanwhile they had a ship in, was secretly dipped in peanut butter
in his Pennsylvania basement, it was so exciting, cue the lightning/thunder
Name's Harry Burnett, you can bet my ass didn't go to Harvard
Be hold up in a cup, couldn't have done it without George Washington Carver
"I was living the high life - champagne, limousine, it was a trip
then I died of a heart attack - all for naught, I was bought in fifty-six"
Now please fast-forward to the seventies, scientists discover Penuche
Peanut Butter's too oily, Reese's Pieces takes their part in the food chain
And their name is commonplace in the latest interview with a lady named Witherspoon
Don't eat a whole bag kid, cause Mom'll be mad and Dad said dinner's soon


Reese's pieces!