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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Older Crowd
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I got the bass for your face, yes I can hold it down
These kids are such a disgrace, I need an older crowd
Mental stimulation, voter registration
Patches on my elbows match the colors of my cords

[mc chris]
Feeling cheeky five feet weekly
I beseech thee, let's be daring
No preparing, no agendas
Let's go where the paper sends us
Open mic perhaps a slam
Don't care where, I need to jam
Grab your purse and clip-on earrings
Sorry I'm so commandeering
Air in tires and tank's got petrol
Acting weird cause I was let go
Say I'm boring like I'm dead
Say I lack a cutting edge
I will show them that I'm golden
Jam while jerks can kiss my colon
Nouveau guys won't stand a chance
Please park it Margaret I must dance


[mc chris]
Are you jokin? It's too smoky
There's a cover, we should leave
Let's not panic, let's beat traffic
And get home in time for tea
Kids have access, 'stalgia waxes
Can't relax if I can't breathe
Let's just exit, we're not sexy
I feel fat and elderly
Let's play Scrabble, let's play Boggle
Discovery Channel with Ted Koppel
Kids are awful, they're all moshing
So obnoxious, sneezing coughing
Spilling beer and breaking glasses
They're no fun, these trust fund fascists
No more head tricks, we've got Netflix
Let's grow beehives and mustaches


[mc chris]
There is vomit on the toilet
And no soap I can dispense
Girl named Wendy grabbed my testes
Now I have no confidence
Can't believe it, I smell reefer
We might get a contact high
I feel loopy, I see Snoopies
I need pizza with these doobies
I feel mellow, legs are Jell-o
Hold me up or I might nap
Someone dosed my Diet Coke
It's not a joke so please don't laugh~!!
Freaky Friday might go my way
I feel like a different person
Now I'm tripping, ceiling's dripping
Wait a minute, no crowd surfing

I got the bass for your face... {*4X*}
Yes I can hold it down

[Chorus] - repeat 2X