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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Nrrrd Grrrl
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Nerd girl, I don't deserve you
I don't get the references you refer to
I love your Lipsmackers and your lack of perfume
I hope to get you home by curfew, WORD UP!

[mc chris]
There's a special kind of girl that goes to my shows
And I don't mean the groupie hoes ll along the front row
She's more like a wallflower like the one that Stryker sniped
I'm like elixir when I'm with her cause I think I like her type
She might seem shy in person, it's no lie she's always nervous
But the verdict is she's worth it she gets crap but don't deserve it
She look like Emily Strange, always ravin 'bout her favs
Wanna conquer her like Kang when you kiss like Cassie Lang
There's no way I can pronounce Neo Geo Evangelion
I can't refute cause she's so cute and so I suck my belly in
X-23 and Hellion, odd couple, to be kind
She's in my heart and in my mind and now she's in my rhymes
She's wordy and verbose, prolific and prone to prose
Always sick and has a cold, stuffed nose she's got to blow
I've got many cold remedies, many old enemies
I've got a girl that kick their ass like River from Serenity


[mc chris]
Her parents are divorced and there's often daddy issues
Try not to take advantage while I hand her all my tissues
She hips me to the bands she likes I couldn't be more clueless
Every word comes out her mouth, is now on my to-do list
She's romantic, known to panic with anxiety attacks
Literary, it's so scary reading Brontes back to back
She's playing Ragnarok on her mother's Magnavox
She's underneath my skin like a million nanobots
She's like Annie Potts in 'Busters, get my freak on like I'm Egon
Say third base right to her face and she will be like, be gone
If not now know I can wait like Lucas and the locusts
And you know this we'll by glow sticks stay up late perfect the slow kiss
You can't resist Chris 'cause he helps you de-stress
While you play Animal Crossing on your Nintendo DS
Baby if we can't be a couple give up on getting married
I'll remember we connected and how that happens so rarely
(I'm serious, girl!)


[Chorus] - repeat 2X