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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Never Give Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
A regular arachnid, back with the hat trick
A rappin maniac was a little rappin fat kid
Now I pack venues like they was a bowl
Microtrash, microblast, from my mighty microphone
Rapped for my mom's bridge club, back in the day
At bible camp, I would rap so maybe I could get laid
Backstage it was a blaze, different days of rehearsal
Before I smoked the purple with a circle of Urkles
Took my rappin to Manhattan where the motto's do or die
Didn't know a single soul, and soon it's suicide
I'm feelin microscopic down on Madison Ave.
I could jump from a window, or in front of a cab
Then mc chris arrives said I'll surely survive
If you feel like you can't function just start shuckin the jive
Don't drown in the sound of your certain demise
Just be a different person if you're hurtin inside

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Never give up, never surrender
I'm gonna pick you up like they did in Defender
No shame in your +Game+ cause your name ain't +Ender+
Never give up, never surrender!

[mc chris]
Felt like I was weird, like I didn't belong
Like I was broken and wrong, and better off gone
It's hard to see the future when the present tense is suckin
It's hard to keep truckin when you're stuck at loser junction
You can't call it quits, don't throw in the towel
You can take a lot of licks so never listen to the owl
Don't listen to the pundits, the haters or the critics
So you can suck my di-dick, take a leap at Chappaquiddick
The Chronicles of Riddick, watched the movies and the credits
Wouldn't leave the theater cause I felt like I'd regret it
The city was so big, and frankly it wasn't feelin right
And besides I wanna find out who's the dolly grip on Demon Knight
But then I met a friend and he kinda showed me music
NOFX and MTX it mixed me up like Rubix
I found a path and called it rap it helped me escape
If you feel rotten and forgotten remember there'll be better days


[repeat 4X]
You can never give up, you can never surrender
Fight the good fight 'til the end of the night and, always remember

That you can never give up