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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   My Rhymes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Well I'm not amazed when I read the trades
and I see that the industry's dying
I think that they're great in every way
for me to poop on like I'm trying
Well my name is mc, in the place to be
I got backseat beats so dope
That coffin racers be salivating
over the brand new stuff I wrote
So I better be great and make mad cake
Come on if you know what I'm sayin
With a scoop of ice cream I got two big jeans
with a man named Marlon Wayans
Some say I suck, some say I rule
a hundred schools like my name was Chalmers
Well it's not a act, all aboard the fact
to fight the crap like Laura Palmers

I heard you hated hip-hop, heard you hated my voice
I heard you stole my CD cause you had no choice
I'm in your brain now, I'm in your mind
You say my name now, you say my rhymes

[mc chris]
Well there was a time, not too long ago
where I didn't have a pot to piss in
Now I've seen the states, lots of license plates
on occasion a cutie for kissing
Well I like to rap, but all kinds of crap
from this to The Day of the Daleks
Well I get respect, hickeys on my neck
Beef jerky, Diet Cokes and a paycheck
And I rap myself, it's my own wealth
Not in the red with the manger
No I'm in the black, I'm attractin smack
Now excuse me while I count my paper
And on the real I got a wonder feel
just thinkin about my groupies
They got lip piercin, damaged hearing
and they all can't wait to do me
Because I make them move and I'm cute to boot
I got the skill to pay the bills online
Kids can't resist when it come to chris
We can spit ridiculous rhymes
I'm on the brink though I kind of stink
Don't drink so I don't have a bar tab
I got Orson jowls and Aouda scowls
and no cowl cause my name ain't Zartan

[Chorus] - repeat 2X