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Artist: mc chris f/ Chandler, Chikezie, Tony Kopeck
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Metaphor
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MMM! Now that was a lunch
I still like hotdogs, and I still like
discussing it with other people I'm just saying

Mr. Chandler? Mr. Ward is here to see you

Oh he is?

And he looks... dead?

Alright send him in

[mc chris]
Rrraar! I'm a zombie! Back from the grave!

Heyyy! Rar, you're a zombie, look at you
You're a zombie, of course you are, of course you are

[mc chris]
Back from the grave~!!!

Back from the grave, there he is

[mc chris]

Rar! There you go! Look at you!

[mc chris]
I'm a zombie!

I'm really proud of you
Why am i proud of you? Because I'm NOT proud of you
I heard the album you cut in the endless void of purgatory (right?)
It stinks! (Wha?) Don't ask me how I heard it
(How'd you hear it?) I heard it on the internet
Will you listen to me for once and sit down?

[mc chris]
No I'm a zombie!
I'm here to seek vengeance
Blarrr! Zombie vomit all over you!

Oh look what you did!

[mc chris]
Threw up all over your shirt

Black vomit all over
Pink and black vomit all over me, it's got chunks in it

[mc chris]
It burns too don't it?

Obviously - ehhh, it's okay actually
Obviously you're one of these new reach around
(We're one of them fast, fast zombies) squigglin
(We're fast) fast zombies, wiggly little zombies
(We can jump boy!) Little restless leg jigglin
(We like to jiggle too we're fast) jiggle tits zombies
Just runnin all around that's great
Obviously, the puke is in my eyeballs
and between my teeth and my gums
(You're in now buddy) and in my mouth
(You're a part of us) my ears I'm gonna become one
(Forget about it!) I'm not gonna forget about it
BUT, I'm still a human being, I'm still your manager
So I want you to sit your ass down (AHHH!!!)
and take my advice for once, SIT DOWN~!!! (Lame!!)
Sit down (alright)
The albums have been getting progressively worse (WHAT?!)
I gave you advice last time you didn't take a lick of it
(I'm not putting Bosk on a segue!!) I told you put Bosk on a seque

[mc chris]
I'm not puttin him on a segue
I'm not making "Smack-a-Baby"
And I ain't gonna make cassette tapes!

Well at least start swearing again, huh?
(I'm trying to clean up so I can have radio play!!)
Nobody wants to hear songs about "Candy"
They want to hear songs about ass jammin
(Ass jammin?! I don't) YEAH!!
About titty fucking and pearl necklaces
(Pearl necklaces?!?!) About scum licking and
About eyeballin some puss once in a while (WHAT?!)
About stickin some eyes in some puss, huh?
When did that go out of fashion?
And another thing, the skits are terrible
(WHAT?! They're hilarious!)
The skits are not funny
Who's that guy that plays me in the skits, he stinks!
(Yeah) He reminds me of that guy on that new hit show
on that uhh, late night block of programming
that I don't care for too much (right)
And that brings me to my third point
It's all too insider-y, nobody knows what you're talking about
(What?) What the hell was +I+ just talking about?
(Zombies are hilarious!) Nobody gets it
You gotta let people in, you gotta appeal to an audience
Oops, never mind, I'm a zombie now I don't care
The only thing I care about is chasing people down
and puking my guts up in their faces
(It's actually not, it's actually kind of fun)
Yeah it's a blast, I'm having a blast
I'm gonna jump out this window here if you don't mind
and just chase a dog down the street, how's that sound?

[mc chris]
Sounds like an afternoon?

Well it's evening {*glass breaks, footsteps run away*}

[mc chris]
Oh hello, hey I'm a zombie rrraar!

[Tony Kopeck]
{*laughing*} Oh I like that (yeah?)
Wait a minute, do you, do you remember me?

[mc chris]
Uh, yeah! Hey you, from Antioch!
When I opened up for Wayne's World!

[Tony Kopeck]
That's right, Tony Kopeck, how's it goin?
(Yeah Tony, Tony Kopeck, I knew I recognized you)
(I'm a zombie now!!) I love that zombie
Ha ha ha!! (Yeah?) HA! HA! Ahh that's great (really?)
That's really good man (really?)
Yeah, I love it, I dig it
There's only two things that I love in this world
And that's Chikezie from American Idol (ahh)
Annnd, you as a zombie, those are my two favorite things
Did I tell you that I'm in negotiations with Chikezie
at the moment to represent him long term (REALLY!)
I've not signed him yet but {*knocking on wood*}
Knock on wood Chikezie's gonna be in the house
with uhh, Tony K (yeah!) I just couldn't help but overhear
what was goin on in here with this guy (yeah)
Threw himself out a window huh? (Right yeah)
It's a, that's a met- (He's a zombie now, he turned)
I would never throw myself out a window
That's a metaphor for the whole music business
Your old manager (the business is changing) THAT'S RIGHT~!
(It's a different business) It's a new game
You gotta get in with Tony Kopeck
(It is a new game, Tony Kopeck) I'm in on the new game
(Really what's the new game?) Viral, videos (hmm!)
Viral videos (viral videos)
You gotta be careful about which way you're gonna turn
That's why you need somebody like Tony Ko-PECK
to guide you through, uhh, so you know
Maybe we could talk about a little somethin
Maybe I put you and Chikezie on tour, who knows, uhh

[mc chris]
That does sound kind of...
You know what though? BLARRGH!
Now there's zombie vomit all over you

[Tony Kopeck]
It's uhh, excuse me, that's a fun alert
(It burns, right?) A fun alert just went off in here
(It burns) It burns but it's fun, I LOVE IT
I wanna make little dolls, little mc chris dolls
They throw up on you, and then they go
"mc chris and Chikezie, touring this summer!"
Whaddayou think about that? (I don't know...)
Whaddaya mean you don't.. alright
You don't know now, but as soon as you meet Chikezie
you're gonna change your mind

[mc chris]
I guess say, I let me
(It's done) Really? (I got him right here)
(Chikezie come in) {AYY} Chikezie what are you doing here?

Yo what am I doing here?

[mc chris]
BLARRGH, there's zombie vomit all over you Chikezie

Chikezie, is now Zombiezie, yeah {*all laughing*}

[Tony Kopeck]